The OA horoscopes are published on the first day of each month. They include a 1000 word essay for each sign, plus a digest of the important aspects of the month, and charts of the New and Full Moons.

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Currently, subscribers can download 2017 In A Nutshell, a book which neatly summarises the important aspects for the whole of 2017 and a 12-page supplement on the North and South Nodes.

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Arthur Rackham's illustration for Comus by John Milton

Arthur Rackham’s illustration for Comus by John Milton


These scopes are designed to help you choose when to grab the ribbon of destiny as it unfurls through the month ahead – and when to let it drop, so they include specific dates and a digest of the important transits of the month.


The OA scopes are written in an intense burst in the week leading up to the first of the month, so the words are imbued with the essence of the time.


The aim of these horoscopes is to open your imagination to the possibilities of the month ahead, to show you ways to make your own associations and to think and feel the symbolic language of astrology.


Accurate horoscopes are all about handing power over to you, the reader, because they are a sharing of knowledge that used to be a guarded secret.


You will already know from looking at the rest of the site that the visual is as important as the verbal here. The pictures are never just decorative, instead they should be taken as part of the horoscope, sometimes they comment on the content and sometimes they complement it. No other horoscope does this.

Welcome to the monthly horoscopes.

Remember to read both your rising sign and your Sun sign. To find your rising sign, use the program on astro.com.

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June Monthly Horoscopes

June begins with a glorious Grand Trine and ends with.a sobering Full Moon.

May Horoscopes

Maybe the biggest astrological event of the year — read on to find out how it affects you.

April Horoscopes

An extraordinary month full of tension and potential.

March Horoscopes

From imagination to action in one short month.

February Horoscopes

Just one lunation?! No big planet clashes? No retrogrades? Could it be the shortest month of the year?

2018 – Year Ahead

An action-packed year, condensed down into a few pages, tables and inspiring pictures.

December Horoscopes

It’s an absolutely pivotal month for the collective!

October Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

Is it possible that we may have some respite at last? Hooray!

October Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

The “greater benefic” Jupiter dives into watery Scorpio, creating a momentous shift in atmosphere.

October Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

Although October may start with some tension, the month mellows like a fine wine and ends with one of the luckiest days in the year.

October Aspects and Lunations

New Moon in Libra, Full Moon in Aries and Jupiter into Scorpio

September Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

The final opposition between Uranus and Jupiter takes place at the end of September, ending a year of partnership tension.

September Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

The astonishing eclipse at the end of August continues to case waves.

September Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

Fire and speed combine in the early weeks of September. Mind how you go.

Aspects and Lunations September 2017

Look at the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6, the first lunation after the eclipse.

Aspects and Eclipses for August 2017 plus some extra information

Some general thoughts and more information on the eclipses plus the usual list of aspects for this month

August Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

It’s a crazy month — made more so by the surreal image of Lilith and Saturn taking a stroll through the wild woods together.

August Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

Two eclipses, a Mercury Retrograde and the glorious Sun in his own sign… what could possibly go wrong?

August Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

It’s a fiery month — even if it’s midwinter where you are — with a chilli pepper heart.

July 2017: Aries through Cancer

With Mars in Cancer about to oppose Pluto in Capricorn, expect fireworks in July.

July 2017: Sagittarius through Pisces

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9 is fierce.

July 2017: Leo through Scorpio

There are two New Moons in Leo this year. One on July 23 and the next (at the other end of Leo) on August 21. And that’s one’s an eclipse.

Aspects and Lunations July 2017

A fiery Full Moon in Capricorn and an equally startling New Moon in Leo

June 2017 Aspects and Lunations

A Full Moon in Sagittarius and a New Moon in Cancer — exciting and cosy.

June Monthly Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

A much smoother month, with Mercury moving rapidly through three signs to catch up with the Sun on the day of the Solstice.

June Monthly Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

The planet of speed dashes forward this month, while Venus saunters gently through her favourite sign.

June Monthly Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

Jupiter turns direct this month, bringing optimism back into fashion.

May Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

With Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries for part of the month, expect certain things to move forward very fast.