Sample Horoscope

 April 2014

Christ Resurrected. Holman Hunt

Christ Resurrected. Holman Hunt

1-3 April Sun conjuncts Uranus
5 April Venus into Pisces
7 April Mercury into Aries

12 April Venus conjuncts Neptune
14 April Mercury conjuncts Uranus
Pluto stations Rx

15 April Lunar Eclipse 25° Libra
16 April U-Plu-Ju at 13°
20 April Sun into Taurus
20 April Jupiter opposes Pluto exactly
23-25 April Mars enters U-Plu-Ju exactly
29 April Solar Eclipse 8° Taurus


There is Jesus, 33 years old, on the cross, representing the whole of suffering humanity. His limbs and his bleeding crown point in four directions. It seems as if he is broken, and indeed his followers believe that he has died.

They bury him. But three days later up pops Christ and hey presto, we’re not exactly off again, because he doesn’t hang around too long, there’s heaven to get to, but still…. He was born, he died, and he rose from the dead.

You can believe the story or not, as you like, but the symbolism is deep and rich. Here is one way of looking at the Easter story for this year, the year of the Easter Grand Cross. We humans can be put on the rack of worldly pain, but each of us individually and collectively can also transcend that pain and become divine.

This may be worth keeping in mind during this strange spring.

You probably already know that astrologers are not too keen on the line-up of planets this April. In fact, here in cosmicland, hair is standing on end. The New Moon in fiery Aries set the sky on fire on March 30, kicking off a month of tremendously powerful energy.

In some ways, there’s little to write about for April because it is completely dominated by the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square that we have been experiencing for a month already. This is a time when we realise this paradox: the puniness of our own lives and the importance of our short time on this earth. But this T-square is morphing into a Grand Cardinal Cross by mid-month, and then it crackles with energy. That is why I’m giving all of you


See the Sun and the Moon in this Medieval depiction of the crucifixion, as well as the four gospels who represent the fixed signs.

The Cardinal Cross
A Grand Cross is when four planets face off against each other across the sky in two right-angled oppositions. When the planets are all in Cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – it is a Cardinal Cross. This is the tensest possible aspect pattern in the sky.

This month Uranus, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter will form a Cardinal Cross. This is worrying astrologers, because it is a potentially violent combination of planets, and the Cardinal signs are the ones most likely to act.

How is this reflected in your own life? Look at what has been happening for you since 2010, when the Uranus-Pluto square began. Where have most changes been taking place? You’re likely to find more than one area affected but astrologically, your personal world has 12 facets.
1. Your physical self
2. Your money and values
3. Your brothers and sisters, skills, communications, very close friends and neighbours, school
4. Your home/your parents
5. Your children, creative production, love affairs, pleasure and leisure
6. Your health and your daily grind
7. Your partnerships
8. Your joint income and attitude to death
9. University, religion, travel, pilgrimage
10. Your status, your boss
11. Your political life: associations, networking, future plans, wider environment
12. Your subconscious, karmic debt, your bedroom and sex life, your secret desires, chronic illness

Which of these areas has changed most since 2010? Where has there been most upheaval? Where has there been conflict, and, equally, where has there been a numbing lack of movement? This is the Uranus-Pluto square.

I can tell you that I have some very good news stories in my portfolio from this time, especially for clients involved in creative work or the knowledge industry. Several of them have finally punched through a ceiling onto the next level. Uranus has given them wings, and Pluto has granted them fearlessness. On the other hand, there has been a lot of upset – deaths, freak accidents, mystery illness, unemployment, and oddly a kind of terrible suffocating stasis in some circumstances.

Pluto brings death, transformation, power and enslavement. All month the planet Pluto is standing almost stock still from our perspective here on Earth. This means that Pluto power is absolutely ramped up. It’s like someone just turned up the volume. Pluto goes retrograde in mid-month but this will not lessen the Dark Lord’s swingeing power.

Uranus brings breakthroughs, excitement and stimulation. These transits are very often positive.

When Jupiter went into Cancer in June 2013, he too became part of this pattern, opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. Jupiter ups the emotional temperature enormously. There were bound to be tears, and there have been.

On April 21, the Uranus-Pluto square becomes exact again, but this time it could be quite dangerous in a wider context because Mars and Jupiter are also involved. Mars is a wild card here. Will he bring aggressive energy or, because he’s in Libra, will he make aggressive love not war? It’s hard not to shiver a little at what could go wrong. Let’s pray for some martial diplomacy. Many great peacemakers have had Mars in Libra in their natal charts: Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, to name but two. So Mars in Libra is far from behaving in a normal go-get’em Marsy way.

The days between April 20-23 could be volatile. Since Mars is in Libra (the sign of relationships) and we are dealing with a pair of oppositions, you can expect that partnerships will be getting a shake up this month. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are not going to be the only couples to split.

Add to this mix the movement of the inner planets, and everything is ramped up again. March 30 saw a New Moon conjuncting Uranus, which kicked off this whole month of tension. On April 2, the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus becomes exact and then on April 14 Mercury, the planet of news, conjuncts Uranus too. Each time one of these planets hits the Cardinal Cross, it’s like twisting the tiger’s tail.

For more on Mars in Libra, take a look at last month’s horoscopes which are further down this page, and the blog.

Eclipses are like super-powerful New and Full Moons. Their effects work both before and after they happen, so these two are already flavouring the whole month. The New Moon on March 30 was like the first in a series of little explosions, and these two eclipses follow that up.

What is more the placement of the current eclipse series does flavour the whole year; it’s like a background taste of chilli or seasalt. We have been going through a series in Taurus-Scorpio, the money axis, and we are just moving into a series in Libra-Aries, the relationship axis.

Now, the eclipse cycle is entirely predictable. In fact it was one of the most important tools used by astrologers in antiquity. Eclipses move through the Zodiac hitting opposite pairs of signs over a nine year period. So each pair will be hit a bunch of times – during the time the Sun is in those signs – over a period of about 18 months. Eclipses accelerate evolution in whichever part of your chart they fall.

Both eclipses this month involve both Mercury and Uranus, planets associated with the mind, with swiftness and with the unexpected. There could well be some startling revelations in April.

April 15 Full Moon Lunar eclipse at 25° Libra
Visible across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and North and South America. This is another reason to be watching relationships

April 29 New Moon Solar eclipse at 8° Taurus
This is the final eclipse in Taurus for this round. It’s all about fiscal prudence.


Yellow Christ. Paul Gauguin

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

Happy Birthday, dear Ram. It’s a pretty exciting birthday month for you this year. Frankly? Could be fandangotastic, could be bloomin’ awful. The astrological weather is extreme. There’s a hurricane blowing out there.

I’ll keep this short and to the point. The overarching story this month is the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square. This is already in effect now, and in fact it was tweaked again by the New Moon in Aries on March 30.

You may feel all the tension of an archer’s bow pulled right back. The arrow is almost in place, the archer’s arm trembles with effort, the string is straining, the moment is nigh.

When Mars joins the action in mid-month, the arrow looks ready to fly. Mars is your ruling planet, so you may well find yourself – metaphorically at least – whizzing through space without a compass. With Mars Rx and in the sign of his fall, you can be sure that things will not turn out as planned. However, that in itself is a plan. Just knowing that everything is up in the air until well into summer should help you. Expect the unexpected.

On April 20, the Sun leaves your sign, which is kind of annoying because you could do with that protection right now. Something about your situation currently is pretty disempowering even though your career may flying high. Bosses will be exerting their power this month – for good or ill, and family will also be demanding. You will feel torn, for sure.

From April 23 to April 25, Mars is in exact opposition to Uranus and squaring both Jupiter and Pluto in the Cardinal Grand Cross. This could be quite a tough week. You will simply have to weather this storm in the knowledge that once you get through it, things will start to look up almost immediately. Something needs to be brought out into the open, and some people are not going to like that. It looks as if you are a catalyst in the whole situation.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

On April 15, there’s a Full Moon eclipse in your house of partnerships. This could be the end of an important relationship in your life, especially if the other person is female. It may come as a shock, but in the long-term you are better off without this person. Currently, you are not really in a position to fight back. You may have to employ that quality which Aries have in such short supply: patience. Let the sh*t hit the fan and bide your time. Wait to see where it all lands before making any long term plans.

On April 29, the solar eclipse is in your house of money and value. Clearly, a source of income may vanish overnight, but just as clearly a new one may, surprisingly, arise. You may actually have something stolen. You could propitiate the gods by giving something away on this date, making a donation to charity perhaps. The point is however that this loss will make way for something new – and that is exactly what you need right now.

Crucifxion. Van der Weyden

Crucifxion. Van der Weyden

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

You are feeling the full stress of the current planetary line up just as much as the next person this month, even though you are not directly in the firing line. However, the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square is at a good angle to your Sun. If you work in publishing, broadcasting, teaching, lecturing, travel, journalism, import-export (to name just a few sectors), your career could suddenly lurch forward. An idea out of the blue could send you in a brand-new (and fascinating) direction.

The spirit of the times for you, dear Bull, is expansion. Let the world hear your ideas. We are living in a dangerous moment in history. It’s time for all of us, every one, to pull our weight in the way that our own talents suggest. This is not a time for you to stand shyly on the edge of the bull pen, instead engage the matador. At work you may find yourself going back over old ground with a ruthlessness that you didn’t know you were capable of.

The Sun moves into your sign on April 20 this year, filling you with the kind of solar power necessary to sail through these choppy waters. The other point in your favour is that Venus, your ruler, is spending her entire month (from April 5) in her favourite sign of all, Pisces. Consider yourself blessed this month compared to others. Pisces tends to make you feel physically well, dear Bull – and you can reinforce this with a trip to the seaside.

On April 25, your ruler, Venus, makes a lovely steadying trine to Saturn. This would be a good day to take some time off with your sweetheart, or even alone, and reflect on your current situation.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The first eclipse is in your health and routine sector. If you have been ill – however mildly – you may suddenly turn a corner. If you have had a mystery ailment, try to find out what it is under this eclipse. This is a moment to get rid of it. Change your routine, try a new diet or exercise programme. If the reverse happens and you suddenly fall ill under this aspect, look carefully at what you are putting into your body daily for a clue to the cure.

The second eclipse, on April 29, is in your own sign, so it is significant. This will be most strongly felt by those of you born closest to that date, but all Taureans will be affected. Over the past 18 months, the eclipses have mainly been in Taurus and in your opposite sign of partnership, Scorpio. This has brought about a rapid evolution in your partnership and in your personal identity. Now, the eclipse cycle swings round approximately every nine years, so you will have experienced a similar thing nine and 18 years ago – with the latter a closer match to this eclipse.

This series of eclipses has been pushing you to evolve as a person. This may well have come in the form of obstacles rather than opportunity, or in the form of things being taken away rather than offered. However, the purpose in this has been to clear a way forward for you. This final eclipse in Taurus for this series, so you may well find that something important is finally swept away. In particular, an important person may leave your life – or you may be the leaver.

Around us all, dear Bull, there is an angry atmosphere, so take care that your personal journey does not hurt others (too much). Nevertheless, you may end up having to rock the boat.


Giovanni Bellini

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

This month starts with a bang and carries on with a crescendo. The main story is still Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter squaring up to each other in a hostile three-way street fight. If your own personal planets are not engaged with this, you may just be able to spectate, but really it’s likely that everyone will on some level be drawn into the brawl.

For a start your ruler – ever curious – just can’t keep out of it. Shoot! He starts the month in dreamy Pisces, so you should be feeling quite relaxed. Things change when Mercury crosses the line into Aries on April 7, and your energy will go through the roof. Then on April 14, Mercury meets Uranus, planet of the unexpected. Any ideas you have around this time may well be genius, so take note. However, it may also be around this time that you walk straight into that bar-room bust up. Best advice? Try to keep out of the argument but use the energy to juice your own creativity.

With Mars yelling at you from across the playground this may be a little hard, but you are fleet-footed, dear Gemini, and you know that sometimes retreat is the better part of valour. This is a fight that no one can win.

Remember that you are the journalist of the Zodiac and although Mercury’s passage through Aries will make you feel a little hot-headed, this is not the time for that. You may find that part of your problem is to do with money: who owes you and who you owe. You need to get the bookkeeping straight.

You’ll feel quite relieved by April 23 when your ruler steps into the less nerve wracking realms of Taurus. The tension will lessen for you and you should be able to go back to spectating while everyone around you crashes and burns — except that you walk straight into that nasty eclipse on April 29.

It’s really quite a hectic month, dear Gemini, but it’s all material for the book, poem, song cycle….

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long, and it works before and after the event.

The first eclipse on April 15 is actually at an excellent angle to your Sun, dear Gemini, so it could well bring about some positive change. A creative project could finally come to completion or become clearer. It could be that a lover departs, especially if that lover is a woman, or that one of your children leaves the nest at last. Whatever endings take place now though, they will be quick but easy for you.

The second eclipse on the New Moon in Taurus April 29 is a curious one since it falls in your most secret house. However, like all eclipses, this one is part of a series that have been activating this part of your chart for about a year and a half. This one is the last. Which part of your life has evolved most in the past year or so? I’m guessing your innermost, private world in some way – your imagination, your sex life, your spirituality. This is a very nice place to host eclipses in other words. The changes for you are most private.



Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

You’ve survived all the stuff that’s been thrown at you over the past few years. Emotionally, you’ve been through the mill, and the repercussions have likely been wide-ranging. Cancerians of my acquaintance have had some pretty close calls over the past few years, including brushes with death, debt and divorce.

Pluto – and Uranus – have been tough on you, but this year Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and luck has come to protect you. You have a guardian angel on your side. In April, your guardian angel is going to be working very hard. He or she is up against some of the most powerful characters in the Zodiac. But on her side she also has old Saturn, quietly supporting you.

It’s important that you know that Jupiter’s favourite place in the entire Zodiac is in the shallow rock pools of Cancer. Astrologers say he’s at his best: most compassionate, kindest, least authoritarian. Jupiter expands wherever he goes, so right now you have the opportunity to reach wider, dig deeper, explore more.

At the same time though, you have Pluto to deal with in your partnership sector. Most of the time this transit may seem switched off, but this spring it is ignited with a burning ferocity. If you are single (strangely) this could be a very good time to meet someone really fascinating. If you are married however, it may feel as that sweet pussycat you wed has turned into a jaguar. This will become more pronounced from mid-month onward and particularly during the week after Easter. Be prepared for some rows.

The other area of your life that is wildly unpredictable is your career. Things could actually be going rather well. Uranus is giving some Cancerians a leg up the career ladder, but you do need to be willing to grab the opportunities on offer. Alternatively, the revolving door in your office may just be making you dizzy.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event. You are particularly susceptible to the power of eclipses because your ruler is the Moon herself.

The first eclipse on April 15 is likely to be the stronger one for you. This is because your ruling planet, the lovely silvery Moon herself, will be eclipsed. This suggests a change on the home front. It could be a parent or it could be something to do with your housing. In short this affects the foundations of your life. A woman your rely on may have to leave, or you may have to move house suddenly. This could be quite unsettling, especially if you were born around July 16. You need to remember that this is the beginning of an eclipse series shifting both your home and career onto a new level. If you do need to move house, perhaps this will give you the impetus to do so.

The second eclipse on April 29 is much less fraught. This one brings with it an important piece of news to do with your wider social network. A club or an organisation that you belong to outside work may change leadership.


Sketch for Crucifixion. Thomas Eakins

Sketch for Crucifixion. Thomas Eakins

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

Roar, dear Leo, yawn and stretch. All this planetary tension has been cramping your style. As a fixed sign, you are actually far more comfortable with things staying the same than with all this turmoil. The good news is that your ruler the Sun is in his favourite sign this month. Yes, that’s Aries.

I can see you raising your whiskery eyebrow at that, but although the Sun just adores being in Leo, he “exalts” in Aries. You can see why. Every year, Aries season is like the dawn of a new day for the entire Zodiac. This is the Sun rise. And the good news is, you should feel this too. It’s been a hard winter (summer in the South, of course), and it looks likely to be a bumpy year, but right now you are well placed to deal with the turmoil.

The Cardinal Cross does not directly hit your natal Sun, but from April 1 to 3, the Sun joins Uranus in Aries and so will be directly in the firing line of all that outer planetary energy. You should though, try to take advantage of this instead of shying away from it. No matter what you do, this contact is going to happen, so use it. It’s like you get plugged in to a powerful electric current. Take note of every idea you have in these days, every encounter – especially if you meet someone new. Think of this as a way of recharging your batteries after the winter. If you can, spend some time in the Sun or the sauna.

This is both a physical and a mental burst of energy.

Meanwhile though, much around you will be extremely tense. With so much up in the air, it’s hard to make definite decisions about your future. This is unsettling, but you would be wise to hold fire until you have a clear view of how the land lies. There is more information to come before you have a full picture: things become clearer at the end of May, when Mars, the planet of action, moves forward.

On April 20, the Sun moves into Taurus, which is a promising placement for you, dear Leo. A good way to spend this energy is in enhancing your status and polishing your career. The second eclipse on April 29 will be part of this pattern.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The first eclipse on April 15 is in your sector of communications and siblings. It could be that a sister or very close friend moves out of your life – that would be the simplest explanation. This eclipse could also signal the final completion of a project – a book, a programme or a website. It’s time to wash your hands of this and move on. You may not be entirely satisfied with it, but it is time to let go. This eclipse is actually at a good angle to your Sun, so the letting go may be quite easy in the end and you will feel pleased with the result.

The second eclipse on April 29 is much tougher for you, dear Leo. This is a solar eclipse, so your ruling planet is directly affected and you should feel this eclipse.

One likely scenario is that a senior figure at your place of work leaves. Perhaps it will be your boss, or a key player in the organization, or a trusted mentor. You may find this unsettling (especially if you were born around 31 July) but the change is necessary. The reshuffle could well benefit you; maybe the departee is making way for you personally.

Van Dyck.

Van Dyck.

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

You are the worrier of the Zodiac, dear Virgo, and all this turmoil in the world has probably got you quite tense. You may also have had quite a lot of uncertainty to cope with of late, especially from partners. The good news is that you have Venus, the planet of love, spreading a little joy through all your relationships this month. If you are happily married, it could just get better.

If you are single and looking, this is the month to get out there. Everything is in flux right now, including a lot of relationships. The ground is shifting, bringing new opportunities. If you’ve always held a torch for someone who seemed to be ultra-married, your luck may be about the change. Remember though that all is in flux, nothing is certain until well into the summer.

You have a streak of romance in your soul that’s a mile wide and ten miles deep. This makes you vulnerable, but oh the joy when you find love. As a mutable sign, you are much better equipped to deal with the tension of the Cardinal Cross than most people. You are able to adapt to the new situations that will crop up.

However, the week in mid-April, from 14-21, looks quite tough. You may find yourself embroiled in confrontations. When your ruler, Mercury, moves into fellow earth sign Taurus on April 23, you should begin to feel less of a target.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event. Both of this month’s eclipses involve your ruling planet, Mercury, which suggests that you may feel their effects directly.

The first eclipse on April 15 is in your sector of money and income. Either a source of income disappears, or a source of expenditure. Keep an eye on your wallet at this time. This is the culmination of a situation, so it could be something as good as a final mortgage payment. It does look as if there is an element of surprise involved.

If you work in the knowledge industry – publishing, university, libraries, — this solar eclipse on April 29 could be to do with the departure of a colleague or boss. It could also be about the completion of a project or the end of a long journey. This part of your chart is traditionally associated with pilgrimage. This could be an inner journey or a literal journey. Whichever it is, it will come to an end now, so that you can begin a new chapter. This eclipse is in fellow earth sign Taurus and at a good angle to your Sun, so the completion, though abrupt, is a good one.

Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

This is an important month for everyone, dear Libra, but especially for you. It comes with your very own eclipse, Mars still in your sign and a host of planets in your relationship sector.

This month really began for you on March 30 with the explosive New Moon in your partnership sector. This could have been totally awesome (a fantastic explosion of high-octane love vibes) or totally awful (a huge bustup with your beloved). Whatever happened in March, the effects in April continue to rock your boat as the Sun moves through your partnerships. This is especially true for those of you born around October 2.

The good news is that your ruler, Venus, the planet of harmony, starts the month smoothing out your relationships and then dives into her favourite sign, Pisces for a refreshing month-long detox. Although Venus belongs to you and to Taurus, she is at her finest in Pisces and this reflects on you. You are at your most devastatingly attractive right now, which is all to the good because you are also feeling especially feisty what with Mars pumping you with energy.

Despite what people say about Librans and making nice, you are not afraid of a barney every now and then, but with Mars retrograde in your sign you seem to have been picking fights more than usual. Your fierceness stays until the end of May, and even then you’ll still be hosting Mars for another month and more. Don’t fritter this dynamic energy away – make sure you use it well. This is sheer physical drive: if you need to get fit, do it now; if you have a project that needs sheer effort, do it now; if you have a new skill to learn quickly, do it now.

The Cardinal Cross reaches one of its climaxes over Easter and the following week, which promise to be very volatile. You are directly involved with this, and my best advice is to tread carefully. You may feel attacked from all sides. Remember that this is a transitionally phase and it will pass.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The lunar eclipse on April 15 is in your very own sign and the message is clear. This is about personal evolution, coming into your own power. Over the next 18 months or so, you’ll experience a series of eclipses that accelerate growth in this area of your life. This eclipse is especially important if you were born on or near October 18. Since this is a lunar eclipse, it’s about your emotional state and possibly about your health. You may get a wake up call right now about taking care of yourself. This would fit well with the current transit of Mars through your sign, which is giving you the energy to deal with any problems that crop up.

Because of the nature of the planets at the moment, the consequences of any situation that does crop up under this eclipse will be quite hard to read. You’ll have to wait for events to unfold before you can make any long-term decisions.

The solar eclipse on April 29 has less direct impact on your chart. It’s still a pretty perky little eclipse, full of news and vigour. This is about an ending. It could be the completion of debt repayment – that would be good. But there does seem to be an element of surprise about this eclipse and some news that may have more of a psychological impact on you than a practical one.



Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

Death, transformation, ground zero: it’s all in a day’s work for you, dear Scorpio. For many people these have been dark times. But when the going gets tough, we all need to call on a Scorpio. In a weird way, you have been in your element during this Uranus-Pluto square. To begin with you may have been on the back foot, but now that Pluto is gaining in power, you too should be beginning to realise just how important and useful your fearlessness is to those around you. You can go where angels fear to tread.

This month the intensity reaches a crescendo, so make time to stand still and listen to the universe throughout this month. Your wisdom and sense of the depth of things is needed. Actual events? Well the whole month is so laced with tension, it’s actually hard to pick one day.

First of all your other ruler, Mars, is still in retrograde. This does not seem to diminish your energy, but you may find yourself behaving out of character. You may be far more willing to forgive others: they are only human, after all. This is a time to find your compassion, dear Scorpio.

That volatile week around Easter, you will be fully involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross, because Mars is the last planet to click into place and trigger the slower movers. Mars is actually in a quite hidden place in your chart, so it looks like you may unconsciously be a catalyst for change this week.

As a fixed sign, you’re not too keen to change anything, but when it becomes necessary, you’re fearless. If there are any difficult conversations to be had, or any hard choices to make, or any tough changes to set in motion do them in Easter Week. It’s not going to be pretty anyway, but at least you’ll be working with the planets in this.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The emotionally charged lunar eclipse of April 15 falls looks likely to put to bed an old habit of thinking or doing. If you have an addiction of any kind – psychological or physical — this would be a time to go cold turkey. You have the power to end it now. The other way this could play is that a secret stops being a secret. You work it out.

The eclipse on April 29 is a different kettle of fish. This is in your partnership sector and it is the final eclipse in this series to fall there. Relations between you and others have certainly been changing over the past 18 months, and this is simply the final part of that. There may be some new information at this time that changes the way you see things for good. This is an especially important eclipse for those of you born on or near Halloween.

Cranach the Elder.

Cranach the Elder.

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

It’s good to be in the thick of life, dear Sadge, seizing it by the scruff of the neck and giving it a good shake. On the other hand, it’s not so great to be seized by life and get shaken up. Nonetheless, without one you don’t have the other.

Now this year may well have been rather a good one for you so far. I am talking about the year since last summer. This is when your ruler Jupiter went into the sign of its “exaltation”, Cancer. This is a position of great power. When this happens, you feel that you are surfing a wave of fortune. During the winter, Jupiter went into retrograde and this feeling may have been less strong as you came across certain obstacles that you had to overcome, but now that Jupiter is in forward motion again (since March 6), you should be boogieboarding with style.

The energies around you are undoubtedly intense and even harsh. You may have had conflict with friends or other members of a group, with children, you may have had some serious money stuff to sort out (when is this ever not true for Sadge?), but on the other hand psychologically you may have been riding high. Alternatively, if you’ve encountered the opposite pole of depression, know that this intensely weird spring offers you a chance to spring yourself out of that.

If you have found yourself gripped by the black dog, take action now to hurl him into outer space. This may mean coming off your prescription, getting off your butt and getting into the wild. The Cardinal Cross is calling you to throw out old habits that are no longer serving you, to spring clean your mind. It’s actually pretty refreshing.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The lunar eclipse on April 15 is an emotional one for everyone, and for you this is to do with friendship. A female friend may leave your life now – either she moves to another town or for some other reason you no longer want to be friends with her. Although this may feel like a big hole in your social network, you will find this is soon mended.

The solar eclipse of April 29 is at work or health. This eclipse is the final one in this part of your chart for several years to come. This could work in one of two ways. Your work – what you do, who you do it with – may have been evolving quite quickly over the past 18 months. People have come and gone, new projects ditto, but now some new piece of information (or possibly even a new job offer) now brings closure.


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Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

You have the power, but others may have the information. Before you make any long-lasting decisions, you need to find out what is going on this April.

Pluto, the planet of power, has been transiting your sign for more than five years now. If your birthday is around January 3, you are at a peak of Pluto’s transit. It can be very hard, stripping your identity right back to the bone. Those of you born in December have already been through this and you are now well into the building power phase. Who are you, dear Cap? What are you here for?

This month looks a little like this. You are in the one still point in the midst of a swirling storm. Everyone else is chasing bits of paper and dead leaf through the dust and mist, but you can stand still, because you know that eventually, and with patience, everything you need will come to you.

At the beginning of the month, the Sun triggers the Cardinal Cross by conjuncting your sparring partner Uranus: something unexpected may happen at home. But wait: a few days later Mercury, the planet of information, makes a perfect trine to your ruler Saturn. Don’t be hasty. The upheavals around home and family are disturbing but you can deal with them.

Take one day at a time this month and before you know it, you will be through to the other end, with the balance of information in your favour and more power in that information than you would have thought possible.

The days around Easter and the following week are definitely tricky. Keep a cool head. But at the same time, on April 20, the Sun moves into a harmonious angle with yours, and on April 25, the planet of love sends a beautiful beam to your ruler, Saturn. Circle that day in red.

Rest assured, dear Capricorn. Yu will make it through the storm by using your intelligence and finding your inner stillness. Although the transformation may be uncomfortable at first, you will eventually be working from a much deeper sense of self and so your encounter with the world will be truer.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The lunar eclipse on April 15 at an important angle in your chart. With the Moon involved it could be quite emotional and it will probably involve women. It could be that a female boss leaves, or equally that your mother or grandmother decides to move away. It could also be that you will lose your job. If this is the case, don’t worry – a new opportunity will present itself quite soon.

The solar eclipse on April 29 is in your fellow earth sign Taurus and is much more compatible with your Sun. This eclipse does also suggest an end of something. You may have to give up a favourite hobby or sport. Take care if you’re having an affair: it looks like you are about to get found out. If your child has been keeping a secret, it could be revealed. This eclipse looks like it’ll clear the air though, and because it’s in compatible Taurus, you will benefit.



Please read the long introduction this month before reading your horoscope.

The symbol for Aquarius is two squiggles, and really there are two different kinds of Aquarian. There are the hippies and the squares. It’s when you can be a square hippy though that you really begin to love your sign to the full. You’ll probably know already that an awful lot of successful comedians are Aquarian – Eddie Izzard and Ellen DeGeneres spring to mind. And those two epitomise circling the square or squaring the circle. You really need to do both.

The square side of your nature, symbolised by one of your rulers, Saturn, is actually in good shape at the moment. Despite the general turmoil, you may be cruising along quite nicely, thank you very much.

But oh my goodness, your rebel Uranian soul is fizzing around like a firecracker gone wrong. If you are a very Saturnian type, this may be hidden; but you Uranian Aquarii are thrilling us all. Uranus is at full throttle this month, starting on the very first day when the Sun, the hot centre of our solar system, makes a conjunction. This sets off the whole aspect pattern – Pluto and Jupiter. Then on April 15 speedy Mercury sets you off again and finally on Easter Sunday, fiery Mars pings your ruler again.

What does this mean? Mercury and the Sun are both on your side, bringing news and inspiration to you, but Mars may well be up for a fight. If you can, try to spend some time in the hot, hot Sun at the beginning of the month so you are ready to square up to the exigencies later on.

Until April 5, Venus is still in Aquarius, so make sure you get your haircut, new wardrobe and declaration of love done before then.

Until April 20, the Sun will be lighting up your house of communications, so there may be plenty of news to take on board, a lot of travelling around and conversations. From Easter Sunday to the end of the month though, you would do well to stay close to the home fire.

On April 25, Venus the planet of love makes a nice angle to your old ruler Saturn, cheering up the old fella and reminding you that love is about commitment.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The lunar eclipse on April 15 is an emotional one and for you it is about knowledge and information. There is a strong element of surprise to this eclipse. If you work at a university, a library, or with a religious institution this could be affected by the news. This would not be an especially good time to travel long distances.

The solar eclipse on April 29 again brings news but this time it is about your home or your family. It could be to do with your mother but just as likely it’s to do with the actual bricks and mortar of your dwelling. This could be the final completion of a project, the last shingle on the roof, the final potato in the ground. It’s about stamping your place on this earth, which can sometimes be rather a problem for airy you.

El Greco

El Greco

Please read the long introduction this month before reading your sign’s horoscope.

Well, the birthday season is over and it’s time to step into the new year, dear fishes. And what an awesome month to begin. It may also be rather shocking.

The good news is that Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony, will go into your sign on April 5 to stay for a whole month, so even amidst the turmoil, you’ll be looking lovely. Make sure you use this sojourn for a bit of a makeover, because you could well have let things go a bit wild and loose of late.

Meanwhile, your ancient ruler Jupiter is still in his most favourite place in the entire Zodiac, wallowing around in with the crabs on the seashore. This is empowering for you, giving you emotional weight and stamina to push through this difficult year. You will have this backing from Jupiter well into the summer, so use it to get some momentum behind your creative plans. Pisces always has a dream or two to make real.

Specifically, if you are trying for a baby or trying to create a masterpiece, this is the time to be putting your shoulder to the wheel. Also, if you are a parent, your children will be making you very proud right now.

This same Jupiter though does lock you into the Cardinal Cross, playing a crucial role in the set up. He is already opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, and will continue to do so until the end of the month. There’s gonna be trouble from at least two quarters: likely disruption around finances and power-games within your social network. This latter is to do with people in your wider circle or constituency. It also means that there are obstacles you will need to overcome if you want to make any of your projects work, and that your children may have one more demon to defeat this year.

Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto on April 20 is the final one. It won’t happen again, so if you’ve been struggling against a foe, invisible or otherwise, this could be the final battle. Those of you born around March 3 may well feel this tense dynamic more strongly, but it’s likely to affect all Pisces.

Finally, a word about Neptune, your other ruler. Those of you born around February 26 will be under the influence of Neptune now. This can be a difficult transit, undermining your sense of identity and purpose. Know that it will pass and you will come through this with a greater sense of who you are and why you are here. Don’t try to fight this unstoppable force – allow yourself to drift with it. All will be well.

Throw into this incredibly tense situation a pair of eclipses and you would be right to expect fireworks. Remember that the eclipse effect is long and it works before and after the event.

The lunar eclipse on April 15 could be about joint finances, stocks, bonds, your mortgage. There is a shock involved and frankly it could go either way – either an unexpected windfall or the discovery of a hole in your partner’s pocket, or a big debt suddenly needs to be repaid quickly. Either way, it looks like a wake up call. You need to make sure that you have all the information from now on.

The second eclipse looks likely to be about information too. There may be an important revelation or offer on the table, and you’ll need to make some rapid decisions. Alternatively, a sibling or close friend could reveal a secret to you that clarifies a mystery that’s been bothering you for a while. If you’re taking a test at this time, make sure that you go to it with spare pencils and pens and prepare for the unexpected or trick question. Something is not quite what it seems but if you put the work in, you will be rewarded.



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