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August 11, 2019

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A busy few months coming up. Hope you can make it to one or two of these events where I’ll be speaking and teaching.

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Sep 15
Universal TimeOn-line
Sally and Christina Talk Love

A one and a half hour interactive webinar with Sally Kirkman


“Virgos do it; Leos do it. Even sassy Centaurs & Rams do it. We all love somebody, sometime, somewhere — maybe for just an hour, maybe for a lifetime. Let’s talk about it…”Directions for how to sign up with Zoom are on the ticket site.

Details and tickets.


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Nov 7

7pm GMT

Aquarius Severn, Cheltenham

What’s Going On?

A talk on current astrology.


The Pluto-Saturn conjunction, Brexit, Trump, Hong Kong, Kashmir — an overview of the current astrological weather.



Turn up on the night and pay at the door.

Directions and details.

Nov 25

7pm GMT

Astrological Lodge, London

Dedicated Followers of Fashion

A talk on the astrology of fashion.


Based on my work for the Astrological Journal as the correspondent from planet fashion.



Turn up on the night and pay at the door.

Directions and details.

Dec 7



Seven Dials Club, London

2020 Vision

A one-day workshop in central London with Sally Kirkman preparing you for the year ahead.


“Find out how you can work with astrology to navigate through this challenging year ahead with a clear head and an optimistic heart. When do you need to down tools and kick back, and when do you need to go, go, go? When should you speak up, and when should you sit down? When to take a risk and when to play it cool?”



Details and tickets.


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January 4
10am-4pmThe Oxford Astrology Group, Oxford
The Year Ahead

The annual one-day workshop at the Sutro Room.


This has turned into a hugely popular annual event at Trinity College — with Israel Ajose and Graham Boston.



Tickets are not on sale yet.
Feb 14-28


The Sanctuary
Kho Phangan, Thailand

Residency.Two weeks of readings and workshops in a luxury wellness resort. I can’t wait.

Two weeks of tropical fruit, yoga, massage & Thai cooking in the most beautiful setting imaginable. I’ll be available for personal readings there and holding two workshops for guests.

More details about the Sanctuary.

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