The Revolution Has Arrived: Women’s World Cup

July 9, 2019

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Oh the glory of the Women’s World Cup. The women’s game is beautiful indeed.

It’s taken one and a half nodal cycles, 28 solar cycles, two and a quarter Jupiter cycles, and not quite one full Saturn cycle for the Women’s World Cup to finally go truly global. With a worldwide audience of a billion, we can safely say that women’s soccer has arrived in the collective consciousness at last. 

And the astrology is fascinating. The inaugural Women’s World Cup match took place in Guangzhou, China on November 16, 1991 at 20.45 local time.

Women's World Cup - natal chart

It’s a watery chart with Cancer Rising and the Moon in Pisces — but actually incredibly fierce with a triple conjunction of Mars, Pluto and the Sun in scary Scorpio. With both Mars and Pluto in their home sign this chart has huge power — but it did take a long time to get our attention.

As I write this, on July 7, 2019, the American team is probably celebrating their victory in Lyon, France, where this year’s Women’s World Cup final took place. 

The transits of this final to the chart of that opening game back in 1991 are instructive. The most notable is that the world-changing stellium in Capricorn of the late-1980s and early 1990s is currently heavily activated. That stellium — Uranus, Neptune, North Node (and until a month or so earlier, Saturn) — saw the end of the Soviet Union and the start of the rise of Chinese economic power. It was a moment of dramatic shifts and the beginning, in some ways at least, of our current political era.

Women's World Cup - this year's chart

Some things that started then are coming to fruition now, including the Women’s World Cup. 

  • The nodes are back in Cancer-Capricorn, although reversed. You can expect a change of fortune or spin of the wheel whenever this happens in a chart. Nodes in these two signs speak of nationalism and internationalism and the balance of power. The WWC is a massive feat of international co-operation and organisation, of course.And these games have taken place during the summer eclipse season. Change came.
  • Saturn is back on that revolutionary Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. Saturn is making that breakthrough match in 1991 a permanent change. It’s taken a long time, but there it is. When Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in 2020, they will do so within a degree of the Aquarian Saturn in this chart. You can expect women’s football to get even bigger.
  • Neptune transits the Moon. At first this might seem a weird combination for sports, but actually, this may really be the most important transit of all in explaining the arrival of women’s football in the collective imagination.In reality, women’s football has been here all along; what we’re witnessing now is the creation of super-stars. For example, Megan Rapinoe, the American co-captain is being compared to Muhammad Ali for her prowess and her politics. Neptune is the planet of glitz and glitter, Hollywood and hero-worship. It’s also the planet of idealism and imagination. And as it sails gently to the top of this chart, you can expect bigger and bigger stardom for the players and the women’s game itself.Women footballers are going to be the new role models for girls around the globe. One of the most noticeable features of this world cup was the crowd — women and girls cheering, laughing, singing and crying together at a great sporting event. That’s not something we’ve ever seen before on such a scale.The other question here is the high placement of the Moon in Pisces, the most mutable Moon. Well, Pisces rules the feet, and we’re talking about footie here, not handie (although the magnificent Dutch goalie in this tournament might have you thinking otherwise). So no wonder, Pisces is on the IC. One thing that’s really noticeable about the women’s game is the flow. This is a word bandied around in soccer a lot, the flow of the game, and in fact you see a dash of that flowing Pisces in many great players charts (Diego Maradona: Moon in Pisces; David Beckham: Mars in Pisces; Mia Hamm: Pisces Sun). 
  • But the tightest transit of all is a political one. Pluto exactly conjoins the natal Lilith of this chart to the degree. Lilith represents the outcast, the taboo, the unsayable, the woman scorned. And women’s soccer has indeed been scorned and treated as second-class sport. Anyone who watched the action during this recent tournament will know that’s wrong. Some of us prefer the women’s game not because of a political stance, but because of how they play, with grace and flow and heart.The final chant at the women’s game was not “USA”, the winning team, but “equal pay”. The way women soccer players are treated is symbolic of the way brilliant women are still treated across industries. And none of the players has pulled punches in interviews about the inequity in the game. Lilith turns up frequently in the charts of powerful, outspoken feminists (Germaine Greer has it rising, for example). These players are turning out, not only to be great advocates for women in sports, but for equality in all walks of life. That miraculous, idealistic Uranus-Neptune-NN conjunction of the first chart lives on.Indeed, the NN in that chart makes an exact conjunction with Uranus. The Women’s World Cup is about much more than a game, it’s about revolution.

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kim.werfel said:

Loved this article on the astrology behind the events. Brilliant!


Severne said:

I missed the cup unfortunately, with all that Capricorn action in my 4th house. But have enjoyed few interviews and clips and yes, this is huge and we are loving it.
Rapione’s chart is very connected to these charts as well. Even her Leo mercury Voicing out/ healing the Chiron on the original chart.


Iris said:

This reminds me of this fabulous ad for the German Women’s Football team. ‘We don’t have balls but we know how to use them’.
Will leave it with you if you want this posted here or not Cristina:


Vesta said:

This is great 🙂 I was thinking, my little nephews love football. For them, watching women play is absolutely normal. I was aware of women’s football but it was sort of in the background, mostly ignored if not scoffed at. I’m not that into sports, I’ll watch when everyone’s watching otherwise I can take it or leave it. But I did know about them. What’s surprised me is how they’ve suddenly gone stellar and also mainstream.
Scorpio isn’t scary. 🙂 But we do fight back. We’re the warriors, which maybe scares people. Women’s football needed strong Scorpio to fight patriarchy and misogyny. This is what it takes. They’re showing us how.
My lilith is in the 4th house, stellium with Juno and Pallas Athena in Aquarius. Not sure what that means, something about my foundation?
I’ve seen the articles about equal pay. The difference is astonishing. That’s patriarchy and misogyny. Men can claim to respect women all they like. truth is in action.


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