11 Things To Do While The Sun’s in Gemini

May 22, 2019

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Raoul Dufy - Regatta at Cowes, 1934

Regatta at Cowes, 1934, Raoul Dufy

Gemini season is upon us at last. A time, here in the Northern hemisphere, when thoughts turn to the seaside, summer, the open road. This year that Gemini feel is just a little bit stronger, since lithe Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, and the Sun jump into the sign hand in hand, and Mercury will be here until June 4.

Why not engage with that Gemini vibe — even if you’re a deep-dyed Scorpio, or a caustic Capricorn?

So here are some suggestions to get you started. Remember: fun, wit and feather are Gemini words.

  1. Text, email, phone your siblings. You never know, they may have something interesting to say.
  2. Walk around your nearest city. And if you’re a city dweller, be curious. Explore some hidden corners of your neighbourhood. Go home a different route. Break your routine. This is not a time for nostalgia but for novelty, inventiveness.
  3. Indeed, simply be curious. Ask your colleague an awkward question, find out if your sister really did steal that thing, investigate your local library, go on an wiki-trail of insight.
  4. Read two books at the same time. Here are some classic twin/sibling books that I can recommend: Half of a Yellow Sun, A Tale of Two Cities, The God of Small Things, Midnight’s Children, The Brothers Karamazov, Pride and Prejudice, I Capture the Castle, The Poisonwood Bible, Wise Children, White Teeth, The Turn of The Screw…

    Wise Children by Angela Carter features some very memorable twins. It's been turned into a show too.

    Wise Children by Angela Carter features some very memorable twins. It’s been turned into a show too.

  5. Play tennis, chess, go, bridge, badminton, backgammon, ping-pong. There are two reasons for this. One, Gemini helps hand-eye co-ordination, and two Gemini likes games that work in pairs.
  6. Learn the two-step.
  7. Make lists. You might be inspired by Sei Shonagon, author of The Pillow Book. She was a courtesan in 10th century Japan and amused herself by jotting down her thoughts and observations. One of her methods was to create list, such as Elegant Things, Hateful Things, Things That Make Your Heart Beat Faster, Rare Things….
  8. Pick a couple of arguments with yourself.
  9. Watch two of these movies about twins, siblings, identity switches etc — The Parent Trap, Dead Ringers, All About Eve, Pather Panchali, The Prestige, The Godfather, Dark Mirror, The Man in Iron Mask, Cries and Whispers, Sense and Sensibility, Raising Arizona, A Zed and Two Noughts, Trading Places, Sliding Doors, Freaky Friday, Ran, Adaptation, Fanny and Alexander, East of Eden. Or go see Twelfth Night or a Comedy of Errors.
  10. Write two pieces of flash fiction.
  11. Camp it up a bit. Remember Gemini is the sign of the harlequin, a masquerader, an actor, a storyteller, a poseur. Or at least watch an episode of Pose.



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Jeanne said:

Thanks, Christina!


Christina said:

Should keep us busy for a few weeks…


Moraima said:

Loved the ideias, thanks!


Eleonora said:

Thank you for the inspiring list! Some of the books are already on the very top of my to-read-list (The God of Small Things), and some I never heard of, but I put it on the list now (“I Capture the Castle” sounds like something I’m going to like)

May I also make a few suggestions? 😉 Love lists 😀

1. “Returning to Reims” – A famous french (leftist) philosopher Eribon is trying to figure out why are his brothers voting for the Front National (among other things). A political, reflective, geminin read, though.

2. “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” – This one is totally different. An easy read. US novel series for teenagers – nevertheless enjoyable, funny and heart-aching, even for adults. I was both crying and laughing while reading it.

3. “Les mots” – Sartre’s autobiography – because of its remarkable lack of siblings or peers, lol. (And of course the end of the isolation, first confrontation with the peers… he was a Gemini himself, after all)

4. “If I Were You” – This one is your British, by Joan Aiken. 🙂 Nice one.

5. Comics! Comics of all kinds. Comics are all Gemini. But especially comics from one of the Gemini-countries – be it Japan, Italy or Belgium (Herge, of course, was a Gemini).

My personal favourite would be Dylan Dog (since I was blessed to grow up with Sergio Bonelli, instead of Marvel). However – any comic (or graphic novel) is as good 🙂


Maureen said:

I love this. Thank you. Jupiter in Gemini here ☀️????????


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