Best Astrology Books According To Astrologers

March 6, 2019

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The Astronomer by Gerrit Dou

The Astronomer by Gerrit Dou

New York Magazine asked me to name my three top astrology books last week for this article — a round-up of astrologers’ recommendations.

Of course, this week I might choose three different ones, and I did assume that someone else would mention Stephen Arroyo and Linda Goodman, who aren’t in this list. I agree with most of the choices, but remain mildly baffled by a few which are unreadable.

Two of my choices made the cut — Saturn, A New Look At An Old Devil by Liz Greene, and Making the Gods Work With You by Caroline Casey. But Geoffrey Cornelius’ essential read for astrologers The Moment of Astrology. People occasionally ask me about serious beginner’s astrology books, and I like Sue Merlyn Farebrother’s Astrology Decoded, which also is not included on this list.

For more book recommendations, click here. The page needs an update, but it’s a start.

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Robert Mitchell said:

The Gods of Change Howard Sasportas
The Astrology of Fate Liz Greene(best mythological foundation of each sign. These fifty pages of this book are solid gold.
The Twelve Houses Dane Rudyar Rudyar intuitively makes the leap between Astrology and Quantum Physics without even knowing it.


Christina said:



Doug said:

For the moon’s nodes I like Celeste Teals book on the nodes : It has a lot of case studies and explains them in a coherent and easy to understand way .Good for the novice and experienced astrologer.
I also like Barbara Hand Clows : Chiron which has a lot of case studies also. I like candid observations these have plenty of them and don’t. ‘ dance ‘ around controversial issues like so many of the ‘ popular ‘ feel good astrology books
Ill have to look at some of the ones that r mentioned on your list.They sound real good ! Have a good day ! ♍


Christina said:

Bil Tierney also good.


44 and counting said:

I enjoyed the two Richard Idemon books (“The Magic Thread”, “Through The Looking Glass”) that were edited by Howard Sasportas from seminar retreats that Idemon held in the 80s.

Liz Greene’s Saturn book is good but I marginally preferred Erin Sullivan’s “Saturn in Transit”. That said, the two complement each other very well and increase your knowledge of what is perhaps the most important planet for how your life plays out.


Christina said:

Yes, I love those Idemon books too. I like Sullivan’s Astrology of Mid-Life and Aging.


Melissa Stratton said:

Love the books you mentioned here, especially Caroline Casey’s Making the Gods Work With You which I have recommended to many of my clients to help them relate better to the planets archetypes. But my personal favorite is Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy. The section on prenatal eclipses helped me realize something about my own birth chart for which I could never find an answer, down to an actual physical manifestation they described! So helpful and is the only books I am aware of which discuss in detail the prenatal eclipses. It’s a good general book on the planets in signs and houses too.


Anne Sweeney said:

The American Book Of Nutrition & Medical Astrology. My copy is almost in tatters.


Christina said:

Thank you. That sounds fascinating.


Sharlene said:

Kim Rogers-Gallagher : Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future … these two books helped this beginner years ago to get the ‘gist’ of the natal chart and transits such that I could apply and enjoy the forest without getting lost in the trees.


Joanne Madeline Moore said:

I love this topic!
My top three astrology books …
Planets in Transit by Robert Hand
Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bill Tierney
Earth Mother Astrology by Marcia Starck
I refer to all of them over and over again.
Cheers, Joanne


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