Eight Things To Do While The Sun is in Scorpio

October 27, 2018

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La Vie Parisienne, Georges Pavis 1924

La Vie Parisienne, Georges Pavis 1924

It’s Scorpio time again — the “fixed” period of autumn. Fixed water: ice.

Which says quite a bit about Scorpio itself, because ice is, of course, both beautiful and dangerous, delicious and special, wet and hard. Think about that….

Here are a few things you can do to get into the spirit of the season.

  1. Scare yourself silly in the library. That means either rewatching Buffy or picking up a copy of Dracula — still one of the scariest books I have ever read.
  2. Become a detective. In the North, the trees are shedding their leaves now, revealing what lies beneath that lovely mantel of green. Now is the time that you too can choose to investigate a secret. Somehow you may find yourself able to dig a little deeper in October and November.
  3. Focus. That’s it. Choose your subject — him, her or it — and go deeper. But please don’t let this develop into an obsession. This is a great time to make a deep study of something.
  4. I suppose you could choose now to get your revenge — but it might come back to bite you. Remember those Scorpions have a sting their tails.
  5. Have a sex affair. Like its opposite sign, Taurus, Scorpio is one of the most keenly aware of the power of sex — as an act in itself. Learn from that. Or at least get your fishnets on…
  6. Break a taboo. What do you think Halloween is about?
  7. And speaking of which. This is the time of year when the veil is thinnest. So if you need to ask dead Auntie Enid where she hid the butterknives, choose to do so while the Sun is in Scorpio…
  8. Do some therapy… the kind which helps you to go really deep, really fast… you choose

Stay safe, because this is a time of year when we can plunge the depths or go to the edge, either inside our own minds or out in the street. Look into the abyss, but don’t fall.


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Angelena Boden said:

Yesterday I had my hair cut into a 1920s bob…shorter than I would normally wear. It was a symbolic way of cutting off dead branches ready for new growth. With natal Neptune at 0 Scorpio in the 3rd, yesterday I received a contract for my psychologically driven memoir ( dark). Diving deep into the bilge water to haul out memories and put them to bed. Taurus is on my MC, ( later at 11 deg) and the publishing company is a charity. They reinvest all their profits back to fund more mental health books. Fits my values to a T.


Christina said:

Wonderful. — Also it’s a shame there’s no exact way of saying congratulations on a haircut in English… in Arabic I get to say naiman, but I can’t remember the response. So: Naiman, habibti! And can’t wait to read the book.


Aqua said:

Sometimes its great to be right about something, but in this case its just the very worst.

As Brazil elects a facist government, as Trump gets a death grip on America, and nazi terrorists everywhere are emboldened, and Merkel leaves Europe vulnerable, the passage of Uranus in Taurus is increasingly terrifying me.
Yes I predicted the consolidation of Facism, but I didnt expect it to happen quite so fast and with seemingly little opposition.
Meanwhile in the month of the Dead, the news just out is we have killed 60% of all other species in just 50 years, through our stubbornly, mind numbingly selfish ‘habits’.
Taurus qualities at their very worst.
“Its more convenient for me to use plastic, and Im too lazy to walk” etc etc etc

God help Brazil and all of us.


Aqua said:

Actually, why am I calling on a divinity? The only thing that is going to help is ourselves.


Christina said:

Very shocking week. Venus Rx opposite Uranus Rx squaring the Nodes — exact


Aqua said:

Terrible Hunters moon this one…and bye the bye that Uranus Moon conjuncts Hitlers Sun…
And now he is talking of removing citizenship from immigrants children. How Uranus in Taurus is that? Which land do you come from? Or go to?


44 and counting said:

Today I cleared out a cupboard to free up some space. Seems a very Venus Rx thing to do especially when it’s heading back to station in the 6H. I found a box of old receipts – some of which dated back to 1993!

I used to just throw all my receipts for major purchases in a shoebox knowing that if I ever needed to return anything; I’d have the receipt. There was no order to it. But I didn’t know the box existed. I last cleared out that cupboard in 2007 which is when the receipts went up to so some of them were recent at that time. They’re now all headed for the bin.

I read every receipt though, because, as an astrologer, I thought it would clue me into when I bought certain things. And made some notes on those dates. It was a real memory fest. That’s been a theme of this year with north node going through 4H.


Christina said:

Yes — and it’s in the details, which is also 6House.


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