Your Month Ahead Podcast: 22 October-22 November

October 22, 2018

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In this month’s astrology podcast we talk about Scorpios we have known — and some we wish we knew…




44 and counting said:

Enjoyed that. One of the few podcasts I listen to – at around 30-mins, once per month I find it keeps my interest. Good work Christina and Sally 🙂

Wondering what tomorrow’s full moon will bring with it happening across my asc-desc axis and with jupiter making transits to 5 of my planets (including its return next week).


Geerte said:

Uranus is shifting to Aries on the day of the important midterm elections here in the USA. It is also opposite Venus in Libra conjunct the Moon. Could the female voters cause a shock wave and could the check and balances, which are non-existing now under Trump and the GOP, be restored?


Vesta said:

This was great! I’ve got this week’s energy in my solar return chart. The full moon is intense today! I’ve got my chin up for now, ‘hope is a radical act’ etc, but it’s a battle. Hopefully, today’s energy will have eased by the end of the week and I won’t have it for the next 12 months! It’s a bit of a rollercoaster right now, but after the u/plu years, I know how to step back from the storm, centre, have faith and remain positive, be ready to fight back if need be.

Scorpios get such a bad rap in commercial astrology (or however we might want to call it, gossip magazine? basic bs?). It’s embarrassing. Not for me, for the idiot ‘astrologers’ who think it’s a good idea to piss off Scorpios! Why do they do it?

Still looking at my solar return chart. It’s quite a big year ahead for me, I think. The nodes will go into my 10th/4th houses, with the north node transiting my 10th. Wowww. Looking forward to whatever that brings once I’m through the current storms. Incidentally, when was the last time the nodes were on this axis?

Oh yes, Jupiter going into Sag. I’ve got a Sag stellium. There’s so much to read and look up! I hope it’s all good. Fingers crossed… 🙂


AquarianMoon said:

I’m quite focused on the Nov 6th-7th New Moon, as Nov 6th is the US Midterm Elections, which will impact … a lot of how these transits will shake out.


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