Astrology of Now: Sharing Secrets

October 14, 2018

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Les amoureux — Emile Friant.

The god of communications, Mercury, and Venus, the planet of peace and love, meet a few times a year to catch up on some gossip and maybe even steal a kiss.

These two usually get along well since much of the time they are either in the same sign or sextiling — at least by sign.

At this month’s rendezvous, on October 15/16, it looks as if Venus and Mercury may be sharing a secret or two since they are in subtle Scorpio.

Mercury is direct, of course, and about to meet with Jupiter at the end of Scorpio; Venus, going in the other direction, will meet with the Sun first though. So there appears to be an exchange of information (or misinformation), which might then be relayed to some more powerful figures.

However, when Mercury is in Scorpio he is at his sharpest, and when Venus is retrograde, she is at her least cuddly. If these two are conspiring they should not be taken lightly.

So what does this mean personally. Take a look at 8° Scorpio in your own chart. Which house is it in? This could be where the exchange takes place, and it may lead to a more subtle understanding of a particular situation.

Pay attention, at any rate, to the conversations you’re having between October 14 and 16.

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One comment

Gilly said:

Interesting! Right on top of my 5th house Neptune. I have been feeling unusually suspicious of the motves of others this weekend, delving through (metaphorical) pockets.


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