The Goddess Weekend

August 14, 2018

Ceres and Juno from the workshop of Raphael

Ceres and Juno from the workshop of Raphael

Oh those neglected asteroids, floating around in the Kuiper belt wastes, ignored and even derided (as a bunch of rubble behind Mars).

Well, no longer. The Oxford Astrology Group will be devoting an entire weekend to Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno this September (29-30) — and you are cordially invited.

I’m very excited to be participating. I feel privileged — and a little awed — to be working with Lynn Bell and Faye Cossar, two of the smartest astrologers teaching today. If you have never heard either of them speak, you are in for a treat (and some serious brain gym). If you’re already an aficionado, well then, buy your ticket now!

Lynn has been making a special study of Juno, the protectress, and Vesta, goddess of the hearth, for several years now. Note that on the day, Vesta conjuncts Saturn and Juno conjuncts the Moon in Taurus. Interesting.

Faye is — as far as I know — the expert on astrological Ceres. She has focused just on this asteroid for more than a decade, tracking her effects both personal and collective. Ceres is, of course, as big as Pluto — and just as important, so we’ll be devoting quite a bit of the weekend to her. She’s in a Mercury-Sun sandwich on that weekend.

Finally, Pallas and I will be picking up the slack — and perhaps weaving the whole show together! Since she’ll be in Virgo, there will be quite a detailed stitching together of ideas, themes and future strategies.

BRING YOUR OWN CHART! We will certainly make time to do some astrology slam readings.

Tickets are available here. Earlybird prices until September 1 (I think).


If you need help with accommodation, try Trinity College first. They usually have a few rooms at this time of year (+44 1865 279900) and Conference Oxford has a list of college rooms available that you can book on-line. These are in some ways the most fun option since they put you right in the heart of the university.

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Faye Blake said:

Really looking forward to this weekend and hope I can live up to that description! It will be lovely working with Lynn again and lapping up her wisdom and I am really looking forward to working with you for the first time Christina – being a long time fan of your blog! For participants – if you are coming – and I hope you do – bring your chart with Koch houses as well! Thanks


Gilly said:

I wish I could come. I would love to know more about Vesta in particular as she always seems to be significantly placed in my chart at major turning points and big events in my life.


Liz Verran said:

If I can come to only one day, which asteroid is being discussed on which day?


Christina said:

A good question. I think we will touch on Ceres on both days. Pallas on day one and two. Vesta on day one and Juno on day two. Although not absolutely fixed yet.


Isy said:

Feel free to throw my chart in the hat! 🙂


Christina said:

OK Isy! I will.


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