Astrology of Now: Fresh Moon

June 8, 2018

Spirit of the Moon, Arthur Loureiro

Today, the innocent Aries Moon finds herself at odds with Saturn in Capricorn.

Lady Luna is fresh from her immersion in that wonderful watery Grand Trine, where she — and possibly we — learned a little bit more about what makes us connect to each other. Some of us may be feeling emotionally refreshed — or even exalted. That’s Scorpio, Pisces, Cancerian types, especially.

And some of us may be finding all this emotional stuff, this delving into the past, this dreaming, psychic energy, is just too much, too wet, too icky.

As I write this, the Moon also makes an exact positive aspect to her Nodes. Time perhaps to take action — but in a lunar, emotional, intuitive way. Remember the New Moon approaches, so we are not necessarily starting something new, but actually trying to complete projects.

Trust your instincts in the next few days — even if someone Saturnian tries to talk you out of an adventure.

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