9 Things To Do While The Sun Is In Cancer

June 23, 2018

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Seascape, Regatta at Villers, Gustave Caillebotte

Seascape, Regatta at Villers, Gustave Caillebotte

Sun in Cancer June 21- July 21

With the Sun in watery emotional Cancer, the general mood shifts from chatty, friendly Gemini to a more emotional, intuitive vibe.

Here are some ways to be at one with the tempo of the times.

  1. Get on, in or at least near the water. It’s not just the Sun that’s in a water sign this year. The Zodiac is drenched. The Sun will form part of a water Grand Trine that includes Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. If you can’t go for a swim, take plenty of baths or showers. It sounds crazy but try it out — especially important if you have a watery nature anyway.
  2. Don’t be shy about withdrawing. There’s a lot of emotional weather around at this time of year, and for those of a more sensitive nature, the idea of hanging out in a festival tent is just… ahhh!..
  3. On the other hand, if you are of a gregarious nature, this is the time of year for a tribal gathering — whether that’s a meeting with your Arawak ancestors, a beer festival on the Isle of Wight, or a Buddhist conclave at Borobodur. Your tribe may have nothing to do with your real family — obviously — but this is also the time for family reunions.
  4. It’s no coincidence that some important “national” days are celebrated during Cancer’s month — 4 July in the USA, Bastille Day 14 July in France, 20 July in Colombia. These are celebrations of being part of one big family. Those of us with no such cause for eating hotdogs or saucisses can at last enjoy the fireworks, and consider the meaning of the word “nation”.
  5. Going back home. Visit your parents — or at least text your mother more often than usual.
  6. Go to a comedy night. When emotions are at full flood, you laugh harder.
  7. Spend some time with babies or children. If you don’t have a few handy, see if you can borrow a godchild or niece. They will remind you of the wonder.
  8. Failing that, re-read a favourite childhood book. Your powers of recollection are enhanced under this Sun. Allow your imagination to set sail on the sea of memory.
  9. If you have any psychic ability, this summer’s Grand Trine in water should be opening some doors for you. Experiment, but stay safe.


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