In the Key of Pisces: Tom Chaplin

March 8, 2017

Tom Chaplin, of the British band Keane, sings with all the tortured melancholy you’d expect from a fish-boy with Sun squaring Neptune, the planet of music. That Neptune is in Sagittarius, the sign of excess, so it also comes as no surprise that Chaplin has had his share of drug problems.

One of his most beautiful compositions, Somewhere Only We Know, expresses all the nostalgic yearning that you’d expect from a Moon in Cancer — an emotional powerhouse, vulnerable and strong.

His latest solo effort is, of course, called The Wave and it’s an almost uncanny musical description of what it’s like to have a Cancer Moon trining Pisces Sun.

“Flotsam and jetsam, alway at the mercy of the ocean…”





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Vesta said:

Oh I like him. Loved Keane too. I’m sun scorpio plus I have a grand water trine. My chart is mostly water and fire. 🙂


Saturngold said:



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