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Friday May 29th 2020

Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables.  


Sleeping Beauty -- Henry Justice Ford (1860-1940)


A vast range of luscious, original astrological writing on subjects ranging from Brad Pitt to the Arab Spring to Ancient Rome.

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April Horoscopes

A reader writes:
“I’ve come to depend on your deeply knowledgeable & wise horoscopes.  Never dreamed I’d find an astrologer with the great intelligence &  wit you possess, let alone your comprehensive understanding of history, arts and the human condition. Lucky me to have found you!”

About April

It’s certainly a weird time! But the astrology provides a guide to  the underlying energies.

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Christina and Sally Talk Astrology

Here’s my monthly podcast with my fellow astrologer Sally Kirkman. Our conversations are sparky, light-hearted (usually!) and packed with practical advice. Here’s the current one.

Your Month Ahead: May 22-June21

Sally and I talk you through the highs and lows of the astrological month ahead. As the Sun moves into the sign of the twins, we talk Gemini, Venus retrograde and much more. How will the movement of the planets affect each of the signs? Listen and find out. Naturally, we’re both in lockdown still, […]
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Show and Tell

Ideas, advice and lectures from my YouTube channel.

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Father time, the Devil himself, the Hermit card from the Tarot, your grandpa: Saturn, the lord of boundaries, rules and come-uppance, appears in many guises.

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The Goddess of health and cleanliness, and daughter to Asclepius, the God of medicine. At a time when public health is more crucial than ever, she is worth studying.

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Ah… Taurus, the great bull of the Zodiac. Independent and self-reliant, stubborn and resilient – for sure. But there’s more to this sign than that. Find out more here.

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I’m fascinated by this Asian superpower and have written about various aspects of China – from the viewpoint of a Western astrologer, of course …

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