September Horoscopes

August 31, 2019

Receive your 1000-word horoscope plus a digest of the big astrological events of the month ahead for just £28.80 per year.

The OA horoscopes are published on the first day of each month. They include a 1000 word essay for each sign, plus a digest of the important aspects of the month, and charts of the New and Full Moons.

The subscription costs £28.80 per annum, rolling over at the end of the year.

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Currently, subscribers can download 2017 In A Nutshell, a book which neatly summarises the important aspects for the whole of 2017 and a 12-page supplement on the North and South Nodes.

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Everything on this website is free except these horoscopes. Here’s why they’re valuable.

Arthur Rackham's illustration for Comus by John Milton

Arthur Rackham’s illustration for Comus by John Milton


These scopes are designed to help you choose when to grab the ribbon of destiny as it unfurls through the month ahead – and when to let it drop, so they include specific dates and a digest of the important transits of the month.


The OA scopes are written in an intense burst in the week leading up to the first of the month, so the words are imbued with the essence of the time.


The aim of these horoscopes is to open your imagination to the possibilities of the month ahead, to show you ways to make your own associations and to think and feel the symbolic language of astrology.


Accurate horoscopes are all about handing power over to you, the reader, because they are a sharing of knowledge that used to be a guarded secret.


You will already know from looking at the rest of the site that the visual is as important as the verbal here. The pictures are never just decorative, instead they should be taken as part of the horoscope, sometimes they comment on the content and sometimes they complement it. No other horoscope does this.

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