Priti Patel: Boom and Bust

November 8, 2017

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No birth time

In this era of crazy behaviour by politicians, when white is orange, and green is encyclopedia, the behaviour of British Minister for International Development Priti Patel still seems outré.

This summer, the minister took a “holiday” in Israel — during which she had more than 10 unauthorised meetings with top Israeli officials including Bibi himself. She forgot to bring along anyone from the Foreign Office, and she forgot to take notes, and she forgot that Britain does not recognise the annexation of the Golan Heights. She also forgot to tell anyone else in government about her freelance expedition to the Holy Land. When she came home, she thought it might be a cool idea to get the British taxpayer to fund the Israel Defence Force.

I don’t have her birth-time, but her chart is a lesson in boom and bust. It’s laid out across the Cardinal axis of Libra-Aries, which has been so powerfully stimulated since 2008, but especially since 2012, when Uranus and Pluto have been dancing around those middle degrees of Aries and Capricorn.

Before going into politics, Patel had a career in PR, promoting tobacco and alcohol. Even for the Conservative Party, she is way over there on the right. Patel was an aggressive Brexit campaigner during the leave referendum, with bulldog persistence and telegenic cheekbones. Her promotion to ministerial level was “necessary” after the Brexit vote, because the Prime Minister had to be seen to be balancing her cabinet with “remainers” and Brexiters.

Patel’s rapid rise took place during Jupiter’s transit through political Libra — touching off her Pluto (lust for power), Moon (maybe), and Uranus (unexpected luck). But oh dear, her bust is now, with Pluto squaring that Uranus.

She thinks for herself (Mercury Rx) in Aries (sharp mind but maybe one-pointed). However, her thinking is not especially rational (Mercury-Uranus opposition) and comes in bursts of inspiration. In other words, she’s inclined to excited and go off half-cocked. That Neptune-Mars conjunction in Gemini should sharpen up her thinking — and certainly makes her verbally combative — but it’s opposed by Neptune — she’s an ideologue.

Jupiter got her over-excited this year — especially during her trip to Israel when it was right on her Uranus-Mercury opposition.

Her Moon conjuncts Pluto — either wide or close since we don’t have the birth time. I’d hate to be in her sights. She’d make a relentless enemy.

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Vesta said:

She’s a nasty piece of work. Incredibly spiteful.
Her chart angles are similar to mine, apart from that, it’s upside down and flipped left/right. So she has pluto going through her 10th house. Career, status. Her sun falls in my 7th house, she is definitely an enemy, her voting record is against my best interests. Or most of us, for that matter.
Ha. Her lunar nodes. South node in Leo, “I’m the boss”, north node in Aquarius “I must learn to consider others”.
She’s not particularly bright, not that that would show in a chart.
What might lilith in scorpio in the 7th house mean? I know I could google it, but in the context of her chart?


Christina said:

This is a sunrise chart, so the angles may not be like this. However, it’s often the case that a sunrise chart’s angles do tell us something!

Patel’s Lilith — one of the reason’s I would not want her to be my enemy. Vengeance. Also note that she is being thrown into the wilderness just after Jupiter went over Lilith.


Vesta said:

Her Lilith is conjunct my sun. 😮
I’m sun scorpio, but I don’t think I’m particularly vengeful. Although my Lilith is in Aquarius, so maybe that’s why, though I’m not sure what it means there.
My chart angles are the same as the UK’s, so if her’s aren’t too far off, then her Lilith falls in the UK’s 1st or 2nd house, depending on what kind of houses you use. And her sun in the country’s 7th house would make her the country’s enemy, which she has been, she doesn’t vote in the best interests of the people. (actually, the entire party doesn’t)
Have you done a chart for the Tory party, by any chance? I seem to recall you have, but I’m not sure I’m remembering this right.
Jupiter went over my scorpio, and I’m returning from the wilderness. Your November stars were right. I have to read them again. 🙂


Christina said:

Yes I have a chart for the Tories. I am pretty sure Pluto is transiting the ASC! I will see if I can dig it out.


mike said:

Transiting Saturn is just beginning to affect her planets in the early degrees of cardinal signs. Small wonder she recently resigned, but I suspect her woes have just begun. By April, 2018, Saturn will station retrograde at 9* Capricorn, station forward at 2* Cap in early September, returning to 9* Cap in December, 2018. Early 2019, transiting Saturn T-squares natal Mercury-Chiron-Uranus, which isn’t complete until the very end of 2019. I would like to think these heavy-duty Saturn aspects would finish her off, but I fear she may attract a following similar to Marine LaPen, and become further emboldened. She has an extremely strong ego, with her Sun ruled by the mutual reception of Mercury-Mars, and her Mercury conjunct Sun.


Vesta said:

Thanks for the heads up, Mike, something to watch for. We know she’s ambitious, she’s already working on taking the leadership position from Theresa May. But I also see her as kind of hapless, her stupidity works against her. So, yes, could go either way.


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