One-Day Workshop: What The Future Looks Like

November 10, 2017

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Mercury Passing In Front of the Sun by Giacomo Balla

Mercury Passing In Front of the Sun by Giacomo Balla

The Oxford Astrology Group is hosting a day of talks and discussion on the year ahead. By the end of the day, you may have formulated a cunning scheme for riding the lustrous wave of energy that swooshes through 2018.

10am, 6 January 2018, The Sutro Room, Trinity College, Oxford

This promises to be a year of massive change for us collectively and individually. Here are some of the  momentous planetary movements to talk about.

Saturn coming home to Capricorn — after a 28 year absence.
Chiron finally beginning again in Aries — after a seemingly endless sojourn in Pisces’ watery depths (since 2010).
Uranus bursting into Taurus — after its startling transit through Aries since 2010.

Meanwhile, we need to consider Jupiter in Scorpio until November 2018, Pluto past the half way mark in Capricorn, and Neptune just over a third of the way through Pisces.

Bring your own chart and your own ideas too. There will be several talks during the day but we’re also planning to come up with a brilliant plan for your personal 2018 based on our collective cogitations.

I’ll be leading the day with Israel Ajose — transpersonal therapist, consultant, and director of Astrology of the Soul. Israel is a brilliant teacher, and original thinker. He did a talk for the group last year which they liked so much, they asked him back.

One other mystery speaker has yet to confirm, but you can book a ticket now at the early bird price.

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