In Vogue: Jupiter-Venus Conjunction Today

November 13, 2017

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There’s a lucky conjunction at 7° Scorpio between lovely Venus and munificent Jupiter. You might want to choose to spin the wheel of fortune, or just indulge in some beauty. To help you with the latter. I’ve excavated some old pictures from British Vogue (December, 2010).

How well do you think they captured the signs? I think some are lovely and original, and others are way off mark: for example, Aquarius is not a water sign — and Sagittarius is a fire sign!

I love dramatic Taurus, Cancer as a hermit crab, earthy Virgo and Scorpio as a phoenix/scorpion. As for Pisces in the trash with her fish-shoes flying…

Photographs are by Tim Gutt. Stylist: Kate Phelan. Costume and Set: Shona Heath.

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mike said:

Wow! These are wonderful…probably the most expensive, dramatic, and over-the-top zodiac-sign portrayals I’ve ever seen, even though they’re fashion spreads. I’ve seen Sag represented with horses, I suppose the Jupiter ruler. Aquarius the water bearer, I guess, but otherwise I don’t ‘get it’. I noticed The Cure’s “into the sea, you and me” as the Aquarius header:
“Let’s go and throw all the songs we know
Into the sea, you and me”, The Cure, “Lovecats”…does sound rebellious like an Aquarius, LOL. Pisces’ shoes and stockings are the best and Pisces rules feet.


mimi said:

I love these photographs, everyone of them !

Aquarius being a watersign is an error that is often made. In the Middle Ages astrologers knew there was a fifthe element, being ether.
I learned as a baby astrologer that the sign of Aquarius is about soundwaves.
For me this is so obvious because my Dad was a soundtechnician for the Philips Company and therefore I saw this sign everywhere I looked. Aquarius rules hearing and sound.



mimi said:

sorry fifth element.

by the way my Dad was an Aquarius.



Christina said:

And the symbol for Aquarius is sound waves.


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