September Horoscopes

August 31, 2017

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Harvest Moon — Samuel Palmer

Harvest Moon — Samuel Palmer

With the wettest September Full Moon since 2015 coming up on the 6th, Mars and Mercury tangoing on the lip of an abyss, and Uranus and Jupiter in a final face-off across the divorce angle, September looks tempestuous.

But where there is disruption, there is potential….

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Vesta said:

Libra rising – I gained weight! Just started to turn it around over the last couple of months. It’s been harder than usual to stay off sugar this last year.
Sun scorpio – I’m off sugar again now, cut it right down. I’m going to lose the weight, not gain more! Good to have the warning though, it means it’ll be slow progress.
The eclipse was in my 11th house. The house of the future? I am overwhelmed with the number of issues that have come up seemingly all at once regarding my home. Maintenance and repairs, and bigger jobs. The collective could be the chain of command, landlords and managing agents. That’s ongoing and I’m worried as they haven’t got back to me about anything yet. They could simply evict me, but then they’d have to fix these issues anyway, and maybe I’m just over-anxious because of all those horror stories in the news. They could simply not reply and do nothing. So I have to find a balance between waiting and chasing, without angering them so they retaliate. !! I’m sun scorpio, so that’s the bit where you said the other shoe has not yet dropped. It does feel scary. 🙁
After being completely flatlined during the uranus/pluto years, this year, I wouldn’t say the acquaintances I have left are on fire, but they have seemed sweeter and more appreciative. Mercury retrograde brought a couple of old school friends back. So the weird thing for me has been to re-learn how to be a friend after getting used to solitude for so long. There’s a terrible pain when you get what you need and have longed for; a little bit of kindness and you find yourself in tears. :'( There’s also a fear, like a kind of agoraphobia, because you’re not used to being around people anymore, it can feel intense and exhausting. But I think it’s like learning to walk, there’s always a few tumbles along the way, so it’s worth it to keep going. I am more guarded now, less trusting, which is sad, I think, but maybe I was naive and too trusting before. So that’s jupiter in the 1st house opposing uranus in the 7th. Normally stable people have acted out of character, been argumentative, surprised me, disappeared. Some have disappeared who I’ve been glad to see the back of. 😀 New people are appearing who seem to be kind, I’m noticing empathy and sweetness. That’s encouraging me to share and seek their company.
I use Twitter and keep up with everything, or try to, so that’s me on the collective pulse. 🙂
I have been finding myself bouncing between extreme seclusion or ill in bed, and trying to keep up with everything. I thought it was me. I hope that settles and I find a more balanced routine again. I’m not counting on it. My chart angles are the same as the UK’s. :/
Thanks, Christina!


Christina said:

My pleasure Vesta. And thank you for the feedback. Glad the new people are showing up!


LindamarisaM said:

HI, I am trying to read the September horoscopes, Aries through to cancer but they are not showing up, what’s up. I am sun cancer and Gemini rising and need to make a financial decision today but can’t read them, please help. Thanks Linda


Christina said:

Hi Linda,
I will redo your password, but as back up — send you the horoscopes by email too.


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