Vatican Timing for the Trumps

May 24, 2017

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Trumps + Francis + Jesus ascending (I think).

The Vatican astrologers have been at it again. The meeting between Donald Trump and Pope Francis was timed at 8.33am local time, which put the Cancer Ascendant precisely square to Jupiter Rx in the 4th (the Pontiff on home turf). The United States is, of course, a Cancer Sun, so nice to greet the President graciously.

At that time of day, the Moon was conjoining Mercury in the 11th in calm Taurus (an intimate conversation between two institutions), and Pisces (pontiff again) was on the MC. Wise council comes from Venus conjunct Pallas exactly squaring the darker urges of Pluto (we hope).

The Pope told the President: “It is with all hope that you may become an olive tree to make peace.” Note that the Jupiter-ruled (hope) MC has Venus (peace) on one side and Neptune (hope again) on the other. The Pope also gave Trump his encyclical about climate change. Go Francis!

For a bit of fun, I looked up the astrological rulership of olives — and found that it’s a question of who you’re asking. Al-Biruni gives them to Saturn — which would fit with bitter black olives. Lilly gives them to Venus and Jupiter, which would fit with round, juicy ones.

Still, it all looked kind of awkward: hello, Chiron in Pisces on the MC. Let’s hope the centaur was doing his wounded-healer-Christ thing, not his maverick thing.

Time set for Rome.

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Aquarian Moon said:

One would hope that Trump appreciated the gravity of the situation, but its doubtful. Something I’ve been wondering — what effect does the ‘recent’ North Node transit have on affairs of this … global scope? I also notice that Mars in in Gemini for this meeting. And in what appears to be an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. A duel with words, from/against a philosophical/religious authority figure, indeed!

[if you have any ideas about ones’ South node transiting ones’ natal North node, I’d also be interested…]


aqua said:

The irony of Melania dressed as a Sicilian Mafia ‘Dons’ widow is just too much to bear.
Wheres Al Pacino when you need him?


Christina said:

Melania was the only Trump to actually do her job properly on that trip — representing the irrepressible spirit and style of trophy wives everywhere. I’m beginning to think her European sense of irony is fully alive.


Aquarian Moon said:

Im rooting for her and wee Baron, actually. I think she’s doing the best to be expected of a trophy/society wife yanked into the political limelight. I doubt she intended to be a ‘Mrs Budding Dictator’, anyway.


David said:

You may, or may not, find this of interest.


Christina said:

Thank you. Very extremely interesting — the chart for the Vatican State…with Jupiter at its apex.


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