Astrology of Now: The End of the Beginning

May 21, 2017

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Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind

Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind by Heinrich Fugler

There has been so much fiery energy this spring with planets spending unconscionably long in the sign of impulse and initiative, Aries.

The Ram’s fiery inspiration is usually what we need to kick off the astrological year. But in the last seven years, we’ve had an awful lot of it — because Uranus, the great of god of disruption, has been cruising, lurching, stumbling, sprinting, staggering through Aries. Now Uranus is in the last furlong of that erratic trip. He’s got another year to go; in 2018, Uranus will make several sorties into Taurus before finally deciding to shift camp into a calmer (but more determined) situation.

So we are in the long endgame of Uranus in Aries — but also at the end of Chapter One for Uranus through the Zodiac — and this spring, Uranus has been helped by Mercury.

These two were thinking the impossible, saying the improbable and setting off squibs for three weeks from the end of April. Now Mercury has moved on, taking some of the pizzazz out of the party. Things should feel a little calmer now than they did even just five days ago. But some of the ideas you’ve had in the last few weeks may be absolutely brilliant — even in the cooler light of coming weeks.

However, Venus and Pallas Athena are still in Aries along with Uranus. Venus is moving slowly. If you are a Venusian person — an artist, diplomat, fashionista, HR person — you may still be redirecting your practice, reconnecting some frayed threads. Take your time getting things right. If you are a lover, you may be seeing your love with less-rose-dimmed eyes now. Maybe you can rebuild your relationship. The Venus Rx this spring was intense, and Lady Luck is still emerging from its shadow. Note the change in atmosphere when she gets to Taurus, her own sign, on June 6.

Pallas Athena is an interesting person to find in a sign associated with war. The Roman astrologer Manilius assigned her to Aries in fact. (Although he was writing about the goddess not the asteroid, which wouldn’t be discovered for a thousand years or so). He may have put her there — as counsellor — because her cool judgment is just what is required in hot-headed Aries. We are lucky to have her at work there right now — perhaps restraining some more strident voices — but also helping us to strategise our long-term battle plans.

Watch what happens around May 26 when Venus and Pallas meet in Aries. Maybe they are repairing some of the damage done by Uranus and Mercury. Then Venus will conjoin Uranus on June 3. This is a classic love at first sight aspect, of course, but maybe she is also carrying a message from Pallas. Let wiser counsel prevail.

Those ideas that sparkled when Mercury was in this spot at the start of the month may still be worth polishing now.


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Vesta said:

This goes well together with your article on Theresa May and the theme of endings in her chart, planets at 29 degrees.


Christina said:

I have had a look at the close of polls chart for the General Election on June 8 — ASC at 29° Sag.


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