Vivienne Westwood: Venus in Aries

February 10, 2017

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Vivienne Westwood — sporting classic Sag Rising coiffeur.

Vivienne Westwood started her career running a shop called Sex at the grubby end of the King’s Road — first stop on London’s punk trail in the 1970s. Today, she is a doyenne of fashion world — doing the whole cat-walk-show thing and yet still a social revolutionary.

In the early days — but the commercial potential of punk reproduction is already evident in the mugs.

In the early days — but the commercial potential of punk reproduction is already evident in the mugs.

With her North Node and Midheaven in Libra, the sign of couture, her chosen profession comes as no surprise — and with fiery Sagittarius Rising plus theatrical Moon in Leo square Uranus, nor does her propensity for making outrageous remarks and shocking fashion statements. The inconjunct between Moon and Mercury in Pisces might explain why her words sometimes sound totally off the wall.

It’s a fiery chart. Moon, Sun and Ascendant in fire plus Venus. But she does have planets in all the other elements too. Although judging by her appearance, fire is at the forefront.

A version of her famous tartan suit trope.

You can see how the powerfully tight Uranus-Mercury-Neptune rockets her to fame. But what is interesting is how this seeming enfant terrible is actually clasped to the establishment’s heart. Perhaps it’s something to do with the stellium in practical Taurus. Jupiter and Saturn are two power-brokers working together with Uranus. Maybe she’s just the kind of outrageous the establishment understands because of the bottom line (a Taurean area of expertise).

Red label — this season was inspired by Alice in Wonderland

This recent season was inspired by Alice in Wonderland

That close, combative opposition between Mars and Pluto connecting posh Leo money with Aquarian street smarts, creates a dynamic tension in this chart, too. Mars in Aquarius is an activist — and Westwood campaigns on a raft issues including transgender stuff, sustainable fashion and climate change — Pluto in Leo understands luxury. While taking potshots at the ruling classes, Westwood also gets them buying her clothes.

From 2009 — with signature Westwood big shoes, knee socks.

But really, I’m posting about Vivienne Westwood because of her Venus in Aries, which is the closest planet to an angle in this chart. Venus shows our artistic nature — and in Aries she is pioneering, unique, non-conformist, self-made, inspiring. It’s notable that Westwood is one of the few designers who is — to some extent — the face of her own label. Remember that Aries rules the head.

With Venus set to spend a long time in Aries this year — due to retrograde — we may all end up dyeing our hair red and wearing tartan for a while.

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mike said:

Her last show made a splash with her weenwear, junkwear, or more politely, dickouture. Saw it in Men’s Health magazine while waiting for a haircut. Style.Mic has the better photos:
She’s had an adventurous, interesting career catering to others’ fantasies of expression. She prospered by indulging her 5th and 8th house planets and aspects.


Christina said:

Mars in Aquarius opposite Pluto helped there! My goodness.
Also those 5th house planets sing with the highly placed Neptune: creatrix of fantasies.


Neil Spencer said:

A very astute reading Christine, as usual.

One wonders where Westwood’s studied amorality comes into her horoscope, however. For example, the ‘Cambridge Rapist’ t-shirts that were among her first offerings. Perhaps Mars in Aquarius as her rising planet – anything to shock?


Christina said:

I think so. Opposite Pluto in Leo…
I’ve just found a good piece on her in Interview magazine

Her interlocutor says she uses “aesthetics as a weapon” — Venus in Aries perhaps.


soab said:

Sheesh!! I will tell you two others with Venus in Aries. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussien. You have also missed out on two important aspects in terms of career – moon to chiron and mercury to chiron. And you have used astrodienst again with its dodgy aspects anyway. Look at mars to Uranus. Is that really a trine?? Looking at the chart again I’m not sure I would also give moon to uranus. She must have had some ‘interesting’ (as in chinese curse) times recently with Saturn passing over uranus. But Jupiter is now retrograde thats got to make things better.


Skyler Rosie said:

Uggh my chart stinks. My sun in Taurus, so does Hitler and Venus in Aries as does Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussien. How did I ever make it the last 60+ years :/


soab said:

Yep. Its bad for me as well. Bin Laden was a Piscean, as am I, and Christina, and Rupert Murdoch is to boot. But what is worse is that I also have Venus in Aries. Oh the infamy – they all have it in for me. Must be why I am a Son of A Bitch.


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