February Horoscopes

February 1, 2017

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The Grand Tour from Visions of the Future at NASA. You can get a free poster here

The Grand Tour from Visions of the Future at NASA.

As you might expect February is roaring in, breathing fire and brimstone. Mars, the planet of war, aggression and action, is in his own sign Aries — and he seems to be in fighting mode. He’ll be arguing with Pluto and then running slap into electrical Uranus on February 27. This is not a good day to jump into your jalopy and hit the road, by the way. It looks like something is going to blow. This combustible atmosphere starts right from the beginning of the month and just builds. The last 10 days are especially fraught.

Meanwhile, Venus is also in Aries, but she’s slowing down as she trails through the month — possibly finding more and more to get cross about.

And then there are the eclipses — more about these on a personal level inside. But it’s clear that we are already in the grip of the new Leo-Aquarius eclipse series which will unfold over the next year and a half. You could characterise that axis as the King (Leo) vs the People (Aquarius). Who will eclipse whom?

In honour of the Aquarius, that most futuristically fixated sign, and for those of us considering emigrating to another planet, the pictures this month come courtesy of NASA. If you like them, follow the link to the NASA site where you can download a high-res version for free. Thanks to Roxanne for suggesting them.

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Vesta said:

The eclipses fall in my 11th/5th houses, which horoscope do I read? 22 leo is my 11th, 8 pisces is my 5th. I’m sun scorpio, Libra AC. 🙂


Christina said:

Good question. Read the Scorpio for sure. Sun sign is important always. In general, I think a combination of the Rising and Sun works.

In this case, read Libra for eclipse on Feb 11; and back to Scorpio for second eclipse. However, I also find whole sign houses (that is straight Rising Sign) are significant.


Vesta said:

Aha, thank you! I was quite confused. 🙂


mimi said:

Hi Christina,
Am very curious – these eclipses will be in my 1st and 7th house.
Furthermore : Mars is very important in the Donald’s horoscope. Who could turn out to be Uranus at the end of February ? The Australian PM ?? The rest of the world ??



Christina said:

mimi — the mind really does boggle. I remind myself that Mars and Uranus meet every two years. So I am going to look back at the last occurrence.

I would keep an eye on the South China Seas.


Rachel said:

Thank you for bringing the posters to my attention – they are fabulous! But then again, I AM an Aquarian with a Grand Trine in Water….. 🙂


Christina said:



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