Astrology of Now: Calculated Action

January 9, 2017

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Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen, in 1931 — in a cosy fur wrap.

Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen, in 1931 — in a cosy fur wrap.

The Queen, you may be aware, has had a cold. For the entire period of this Mercury Retrograde, her Majesty kept out of the public eye. She didn’t even make it to the Christmas church services — and that was for the first time in — well, forever. Yesterday, when Mercury went direct, she emerged, looking fully herself.

Of course, the Mercury Rx took place in the Queen’s 12th House of purdah.

Maybe it was the same for you, if you have Capricorn or Aquarius Rising. Anyway, it’s now time to step out of the shadows and get active. Take the tough decisions, have the hard conversations, make your voice heard, speak truth to power, and get on with it.

Yesterday, just after Mercury went direct, another kind of queen emerged from purdah. Meryl Streep made this speech. Mercury retrograded through her house of duty, and into her house of theatre, where it has turned direct. She was doing an actor’s most important job, reminding us of our shared humanity.


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Rachel said:

Hi Christina – thank you for sharing this with us. I will likewise share it with those I know. Let’s hope that it will eventually turn out to be a year that can still have some joy and hope for all of us in whatever small way, in spite of all the hate, intolerance and ignorance that’s so prevalent at the moment.


mike said:

And here’s the chosen one’s response to Streep’s speech:
“Meryl Streep, one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes. She is a Hillary flunky who lost big.” Trump

It isn’t necessary to “know” him to recognize that he’s a despot, already unleashing the depravity of his supporters and the Republican Party.


Christina said:



Isy Aweigh said:

The picture of Her Young Maj shows exactly the same thinking, assessing, slightly reserved mien we’ve seen ever since. Intriguing.


Christina said:

Yes you can see the 90-year old in the face of this 5/6 year old


Paula said:

I had the sense of what purdah would be, but looked it up. You chose the most perfect words. And art. Reading your blog is such a joy, and rather enriching too. You are appreciated. And glad to know the Queen (not Meryl) of England looks herself again. Pluto close to her ascendant is – too close.


Lucy said:

I hope Queen Lizzie gets better, she seems like a lovely and gracious lady.
To me she represents the qualities of an evolved Taurus and her Capricorn ascendant lends her, her regal yet grounded disposition 🙂
I can’t resist the Leo Moon either, how charming yet mischievous and that Aries Mercury, well she certainly has a quick wit 🙂


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