June Horoscopes

May 31, 2016

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Summer Fairy. Arthur Rackham.

Summer Fairy. Arthur Rackham.

The season shifts from spring to summer — or from autumn to winter in the South. So the Sun has come to a mutable sign, Gemini, a sign where change happens.

The mutuable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius — are alight this month. And because they are, we all are changing and shifting.

At times of change, opportunities open, old friends disappear, but you may feel a sense of anticipation. There is magic in the air. The path ahead jumps and shimmies, like a magic carpet ready to take off, but you just need to get a toehold in June, to make that first step, however tentative.

During June, a Grand Mutable Cross is formed and reformed in the sky, as smaller planets move through Gemini, and contact Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. If you have any planets in the middle degrees of mutable signs, 10°-15°, they will be powerfully stimulated by these waves of energy. But all signs are affected by this energetic shift.

Mars, the action planet, may seem paralysed by month’s end as he stations for the latter third of June at 23°, but all around him, things are changing, plans are afoot. It is simply that Mars is gathering his energy now, ready to spring forward into summmer at the end of June. In whatever sector he is now, expect action in July.

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sabrina said:

Haven’t had a chance to read it yet but this cross hovers near my 3rd house neptune, ruler of Desc. with all the transits in the last months the way I think, see and process information, has changed. Is changing. My relationship with my mind is changing.


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