Astrology of Now: Looking Deeper

April 15, 2016

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Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieoronymous Bosch

Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieoronymous Bosch

One of the pleasures of this retrograde period…

Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, the sign of higher learning, the exotic and libraries

Mars station (Rx on April 17) also in Sagittarius

Mercury in shadow (Rx on April 28) in Taurus, ruled by Venus the goddess of beauty and art

Jupiter Rx in Virgo, the sign of detail and craft

…is the chance to take a deeper, longer look (or listen) at masterpieces of craftsmanship and art from the past.

The Hieoronymous Bosch Museum in Holland has just put an interactive Garden of Earthly Delights on line, giving us a chance to peer right into the painting. To see — and play — click here.


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mimi said:

Thanks, Christina,

I’ve been trying to get tickets for this event for me and my friends and familymembers.
We were all very excited to go and see these paintings for once in our lifetime.

However, it was sold out in a few days. So many people want to see these paintings. It was very difficult to get into the ticketbuying-area online and once I got in they were sold out for the daytime and the only possibility was to buy them online.

Now they have decided to open the museum in the nighthours, but it has sold out again I believe.
Pity, I really wanted to see them, I wonder what his starsign was, maybe Gemini ?? There is no known birthdate of him. They do know however when he was buried, somewhere in August I think.



Christina said:

Soo frustrating, mimi. And it’s awful having to shuffle through with a crowd anyway.


mimi said:

Oh, I would think these paintings are worth that shuffling – it’s very rare they’ve all been brought together (there are only 23 or 24 paintings known of him) and Jeroen Bosch was a very interesting painter, but with this online version there is a lot to see too ! Thank you for that.



Katy Wallace said:

Thank you so much for sharing this. The online tour is amazing!!!


Leonora said:

My father had a wonderful collection of art books when I was a child. I used to creep into his library and go through them. The very first book I opened aged 5 in 1960 was on Heironymous Bosch. What an imprint that made!


aqua said:

Wow gorgeous! Thank you.
I too was introduced very early to Bosch…and Breugel.


eggcup said:

Something special happening with me during this retrograde heavy season… I’m becoming an artist! I am a data visualization developer by trade, and was very musical through childhood and adolescence, so creativity is not new to me. But until now I’ve never really tried my hand with painting or drawing.

Well, something changed and I got bit by the bug! It started when I got an “adult coloring book” which led me to quickly acquire more art supplies (a slippery slope). I soon tired of the coloring book and have been teaching myself to paint and draw, things I always considered I could never do. All of a sudden it’s a joy!

Mars just stationed retrograde on my Saturn at 7 Sag, sextile my Mars at 7 Aqua (5th house!), and Ascendant at 8 Libra. Plus Jupiter rx is exactly opposite my 6th house Jupiter at 13 Pisces — neatly squared by transit Saturn.

I guess that combo triggered the necessary creativity, inspiration, and seriousness! This all came about over the last 2 weeks, and I never imagined I was capable of the art I’m creating now 🙂

You always manage to hit the nail on the head!


Christina said:

So glad for you! I am really enjoying the Rx too. I hope I have a chance to blog about last weekend — but am under the cosh with horoscopes…


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