In the Key of Pisces: Elizabeth Maconchy

March 21, 2016

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Dame Elizabeth Machonchy was hailed as a girl-wonder at the age of 23 and then told she had only a few years to live. However, she beat TB and went on to live a long and full life.

No birth time available

No birth time available

I don’t have the time of birth, but I note the conjunction of Chiron and Venus. Her husband devotedly nursed and nurtured her out of TB. Also Sun-Saturn makes for a survivor. The mysterious atmosphere of her music must be connected to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Cancer opposite Uranus in Capricorn. This is, of course, a generational combo, and without a birth time one can’t be sure of how that ties into the chart.

This piece seems to hold all the magic and menace of a Neptunian night.

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