In the Key of Pisces: Kiri Te Kanawa Sings Villa-Lobos, Segovia Plays & A Bonus

March 7, 2016

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I think we’re beginning to get a feeling for the weaving, watery, complex Piscean sound. The work of Heitor Villa-Lobos (March 5), probably Latin America’s most famous 20th century composer, exemplifies this in many works. Many of his compositions are so woven into the soundtracks of our lives that you may know them without knowing you know them. These are subtle, beautiful, melodious, haunting, limpid.

Data from astrotheme

Data from astrotheme

Villa-Lobos has the classic composer’s signature, Neptune Rising. The Piscean planet are pulled forward and put to work by Venus and Mercury in Aries.

Kiri Te Kanawa (March 6) will make your hair stand on end with this interpretation of Villa-Lobos’ Bachianas Brasileiros no 5. Look at her powerful Mars-Saturn conjunction on the Ascendant in Gemini — a forceful communicator. You need stamina to be an opera singer and there it is, trining her Venus in Aquarius.

Dame Kiri, of course has the solar conjunction with Villa-Lobos, and her performer’s Leo Moon trines Villa-Lobos’s fiery Venus-Mercury. She channels his music so easily.

Data from astrodatabank

Data from astrodatabank


Villa-Lobos (March 5) was extremely prolific — like Handel and Vivaldi. He wrote over 2000 pieces of music from full operas to these beautiful studies for classical guitar, which were commissioned by the Spanish guitar maestro Andres Segovia (March 17).

Data from astrodatabank

Data from astrodatabank

As well as sharing a Sun sign, Villa-Lobos and Segovia have some lovely synastry. Segovia’s sensitive, receptive Piscean Venus is on Villa-Lobos’ Sun and trines the composer’s Moon-Saturn conjunction in Cancer.

Just because I think this is a stunning interpretation I’m including Julian Bream (July 15). He has an exact conjunction of Pluto and Sun in Cancer at 22°… emotional powerhouse…

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