RIP — Thornton Dial

January 29, 2016

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Don't Matter How Raggely The Flag, It Still Got To Tie Us All Together

Don’t Matter How Raggly The Flag, It Still Got To Tie Us All Together — c.2003

Wonderful, maverick, true artist Thornton Dial passed a couple of days ago at the age of 87. He had Sun in Virgo — the sign of detail and craft — Venus in Libra (artistic) conjunct Mercury. The titles of his works were important, and the works speak.

Saturn was one degree past Return for him (3rd time), Jupiter had passed over his Sun and was making its way back to sweep him into the big beyond.

African Athlete c. 1990

African Athlete c. 1990

Thornton Dial

Stars of Everything — c.2004

art, contemporary art, cycles, death


Alisa said:

Thanks for remembering Thornton Dial. I’ve always loved his work.


Christina said:

Genius? Can’t help feeling that he’ll be one of the ones they remember in 200 years


annah said:

hi Christina,have been meaning to ask ,your art info and illustrations are very delicious,scholarly and eclectic,do you paint your self?
as rahu and ketu have just moved into aquarius and leo, and the new year of the monkey /leo
creativity should be on the cards.


Christina said:

That is very kind of you — I like delicious and eclectic. I do paint but not so much at the moment.


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