What Astrologers Are Saying About Saturn in Sagittarius

September 18, 2015

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The flat in Withal and I

The flat in the film Withal and I. Just think what Saturn would have to say to them.

Saturn in Sagittarius
23 December 2014-15 June 2015
September 17, 2015-December 20 2017

You can just imagine Saturn walking into Sagittarius’ flat — and reeling at the chaos, the freewheeling coffee cups, the jumble of throws, the mysterious sticky saucer under the sofa, the stacks of books and LPs, the exotic stranger asleep in the bathtub, the weird smell and the three empty bottles of surprisingly good wine collecting dust by the bed, and the collection of stray cats draped over the radiators.

“We need some rules around here,” he’d mutter, and pretty soon there would be some changes: such as shelves that worked and a lock on the front door. The eternally dripping tap would get fixed and soon meals would start to appear at meal time, bed would happen at bedtime, and the sheets would be clean.

Wherever Sagittarius is in your chart, Saturn is about to bring some order. Here are some other astrologer on the subject as well as two previous pieces from The OA, written in the spring, when Saturn was first here.

Saturn in Sagittarius Part One – The OA

Saturn in Sagittarius Part Two – The OA

Saturn in Sagittarius — Jeff Jawer. Always excellent, so sad that he’s gone. This was written just as Saturn was going into Sadge in December.

Learning to Fly: Saturn in Sagittarius – Jo Tracey. Nice piece of writing

Dear Scorpio, I don’t want to do your dirty work no more. xo, Saturn – Madame Zolonga. This is more of a farewell to Scorpio, but it’s amusing.

Saturn in Sagittarius – Lynn Koiner with Jeanne Mozier. As always a thorough, experienced take on this. The medical stuff is interesting.

Saturn in Sagittarius – Patricia Walsh. For quite a different point of view from La Koiner, but just as interesting.

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Gilly said:

Lovely. Thank you. Just what I needed. I have a packed Sag 6th house. I’m really, really ready for some serious discipline (no innuendo intended).


Christina said:

Oh we mutables are in for it!


Sabina said:

Piece in the Guardian today by Steve Martin about his friend Withnail star Richard E. Grant (who happens to have Saturn in Sagg). The latter’s Jupiter is on my Sun and, indeed, I do think he’s grand!


Anne Whitaker said:

Great stuff, Christina! Plenty of food for thought and especially for reflection…


T G said:

I love your work. Always inspired.
Thanks for the last look at my 2nd return.. On point!


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