Mercury Rx: Indexing

May 21, 2015

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card indexI am re-indexing this website during this Mercury Retrograde. Apparently it wasn’t done properly when we switched over from Blogger last year, so not all the posts are searchable (or should that really be findable).

It seems like appropriate action to take when the god of communications is going backwards in the sign of wordsmithery.

At the same time, I’m re-reading a lot of old posts and sending some of the choice ones out to subscribers. If you want to catch these, you can subscribe by email in the box on the right. It’s free and when I start doing new posts again you’ll receive those straight to your inbox.


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Faye said:

Yes doing mine too! Heaps of work. Good to see your old posts – loved the Ceres ones. Mercury Retro good for something:)


Eleonora said:

Yes! It went retrograde in february (in Aquarius, exalted) and at that time it was reported that Harper Lee is going to publish her second (?) novel, written almost 50 years ago. Obviously, the manuscript was lost for decads and then found last fall. Uranus transiting her natal mercury. Sometimes astrology is really impressive.


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