September Monthly Horoscopes

August 31, 2014

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Art this month is an homage to that Virgoan love of libraries. Cover by Germano Facetti

Art this month is an homage to that Virgoan love of libraries. Cover by Germano Facetti

It’s appropriate that school begins when the Sun is in this most studious of signs, Virgo. And this year, there really is a back to school feel to September, in the nicest sort of way.

Do you remember the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the smoothness of your September notebooks, the anticipation of telling your friends about your “brilliant” summer holiday. There are few things more delightful than a primed pencil case, and a back pocket full of tales of adventure … but this is not a nostalgic month in fact: it’s all about looking forward to what the autumn and winter will bring with a mixture of excitement, curiosity and attentiveness.

The beautiful Full Moon in compassionate Pisces promises healing of all kinds. It conjuncts Chiron, the asteroid named after that teacher and healer of heroes. Chiron is a fascinating character. Half-man, half-beast: he chose to die rather than stay immortal. Chiron is not like the other Greek gods and heroes. He comes from the a savage, bestial race and yet he has deep learning. He is contradictory: his lower half in touch with wild nature, his upper half humane. One aspect of Chiron perhaps is to connect us to our own true nature, to help us find our animal spirit.

But with certainty, Chiron is involved with medicine of all kinds — alternative and orthodox. Chiron is the surgeon with his scalpel and the reiki practitioner, the gentle nurse and the radical shaman. His presence right next to this Full Moon is significant. Full Moon’s are about revelation or culmination. A health issue — mental, physical or spiritual — may be revealed or cured under this energy.

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