Astrology of Now: Beautiful Dreamers

August 16, 2014

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Selene and Endymion by Edmund Poynter

Selene and Endymion by Edmund Poynter

The charmed quincunx between Jupiter and Neptune continues this week but now it’s graced by the presence of Venus, the goddess of love herself.

Please read this piece for more on the quincunx.

Jupiter is at 6/7° Leo. Venus joins him there today and for the rest of this week. Neptune is at 6° Pisces. Neptune, the god of illusion, is sometimes described as the higher octave of beautiful Venus. Together they make art.

Even if these aspects touch nothing in your chart. Make time to dream, to listen, to imagine…. to love….


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One comment

Jamma said:

Hi Christina,
Thank you for showing us the beauty of the oft-maligned quincunx.
I have a natal quincunx from 3 Pisces Sun to 3 Leo Saturn. (With my Asc at 5 Cap, Saturn is also the focus of a yod.) So I am thinking that the transiting Jupiter-Neptune quincunx could be activating this configuration in my chart?
I feel bad that I wasn’t paying attention to the once-in-a-lifetime exact aspect yesterday … But I did spend some time talking with a friend about about my NN at 7 Gem, so maybe trans Jupiter was giving me a sextile nudge from Leo (as well as trining my SN in Sag, where Jupiter also reigns supreme).
Writing the above, my brain has begun to swirl about that blue fishbowl you wrote of (mine, for some reason is actually greenish) with a growing giddy feeling that here are clues to finding harmony and common ground, to understanding The Everythingness (Piscean fantasy, right?) …
For example: Despite the square relationship between Sagittarius and Pisces, I’ve always felt a kinship with Sag – shared ruler Jupiter, both signs mutable. The square between Pisces and Gemini is likewise mitigated by mutability and their dual natures. The fractious tendency of the square is suddenly soothed by awareness of shared experience. Celestial consciousness raising. We really are all One. Peace and Love. Namaste.
P.S. The previous exercise in cosmic wool-gathering has been brought to you by natal Moon conj Merc in – you guessed it – Pisces.


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