All Shiny And New (But Needing A Bit Of A Polish)

June 6, 2014

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New Moon Aubliet

New Moon Aubliet

Well, here we are on the new WordPress site, ready to sail the wide oceans of astrology, or take ride a diving bell into the Mariana trench of our communal myth making, or occasionally ride through the wild night sky on a cosmic broomstick .

Please be patient while The Oxford Astrologer adjusts to its new surroundings. There’s plenty still that needs polishing but with Mercury Retrograde at full throttle from tomorrow, this is the time.

One of the big advantages of this site will be the archive. All the old material will be much more accessible. However, my original tags were, to say the least, rather random, so there are about a zillion words in the index instead of 10. This will take a while to sort out (cut), so please bear with me.

The comments also ought to work much better. You may actually be able to call yourselves something other than Anonymous and even have a little pattern by your name should you care to chip in. Your thoughts are always welcome.

Subscribers to the site should continue to receive all posts automatically by email. If you have any issues with this do get in touch. The horoscopes will now be available by separate (paid-for) subscription, so please sign up. I’m going to work out some kind of discount initially, so watch this space. This will help fund the site.

And on the subject of money, I am also changing my consultation fees. Although the price for initial consultations is going up, I’m cutting the price for follow ups.

Enjoy the new site, and thanks for visiting.



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Alan said:

Love the new design. Best of luck with the new site, Christina!


weaver said:

hi, Christina! just back from hols to see you here at wordpress: welcome!


Christina Rodenbeck said:

Thank you. I like your avatar.


mimi said:

Beautiful new website – I really would like to congratulate you and I hope you’re going to keep this up for a very long time !



Christina Rodenbeck said:

Thank you. Much credit to Jo Cox, who designed it.


Cinthia said:

I’m finding my way through the maze…you asked us to let you know…I’m letting you know I’m not receiving your blog emails anymore since you switched sites :-((((, the link at the top of this page still signs me up to Feedblitz, not WordPress. I’m not worried. Yet. Do love your posts, best ones in my Astro inbox. Will wait till post Merc Rx, then ask again if necessary. Meanwhile, sending you good vibrationsto settling into your new domain xx


Christina said:

Thanks for letting me know. There has been an issue with the email feed. We tried switching everyone to WordPress at first, but have had to go back to feedblitz. I hope it works now.


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