April Horoscopes

March 31, 2014

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Resurrection. Piero della Francesca

Resurrection. Piero della Francesca

Two eclipses and the Cardinal Grand Cross. That’s quite enough drama for one month surely. To read your horoscope click here. Do read the long intro first this month because it explains a bit more about the Cardinal Cross and shows you how you can think about it for yourself.



Jamma said:

Deear Christina …
Thank you so much for this thoughtful essay about the Grand Cross (and insights into how Christian symbolism embodies it).
All this time I knew the grand cross was a comin’ (not like people have been reticent about it lately), but it was only after my reading from you that I grokked how it might have a teensy-tiny effect in my chart, which is built on the cardinal axes …
And then there are the ECLIPSES … Holy cats!
The April 15 lunar eclipse at 25 Libra is hitting my MC and also, I just realized, lands smack on my Venus/Saturn midpoint (25 Lib 34), with transiting Ceres at 25 Lib 14 along for the ride.
Then the April 29 solar eclipse at 8 Tau 36 is exactly opposite my natal Chiron at 8 Sco 40 … With the Sun blotted out, does Chiron jump in and try to heal? Or does he take out an arrow and aim for the soft bits?
Now I can see why you told me not to make any plans yet!


Christina said:

Exactly the right questions, J. And now that you know the spirit of the times, you can see how come things are a bit exciting.


Acquafortis said:

Sparklingly brilliant! I will be literally travelling, (cycling hopefully) in France between the 20th April and the 2nd May.


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