Higgs Wins That Nobel Prize

October 8, 2013

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Peter Higgs, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Edinburgh, was – finally – awarded the Nobel Prize yesterday. It was entirely expected, since his hypothesis – that there’s a subatomic particle called a boson – was finally proved correct in a (rather large) laboratory last year.

People like to call Higgs’ Boson the God particle, which puts physicists in a flap apparently. It’s nice that Professor Higgs is having his Uranus Return right now. His natal Uranus is at 10°27 Aries; and transiting Uranus is just 8 minutes from an exact conjunction at 10°19 today.

Transiting Pluto is 5° from an exact opposition to Higgs’ natal Pluto.

Higgs along with several other scientists posited his theory first in October 1964. That was when the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s was forming, Uranus was at 12° Virgo and Pluto at 14°.  Today those two planets are coming to an exact square at 10°. And just to be even more symmetrical, in Higgs’ natal chart Uranus and Pluto also square (6° apart).

So he was born on a closing U-Plu square, published his theory on a conjunction and won the Nobel on the opening square.

Uranus is the planet of science, awakening and discovery. Pluto is the planet of subatomic stuff. Neat.


Pluto, science, Uranus


Anonymous said:

wow this is fascinating!


Anonymous said:

Isn’t astrology beautiful ??

I like his Neptune in trine to Saturn as well ! (Neptune very near to his ascendant).



Christina said:

Oh yes. I think neptune/pisces is often very good at abstract thinking! But Saturn gives it discipline!


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