Virgo New Moon: Time To Get Clarity

September 5, 2013

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God or, more correctly, G-d opened the Book of Life on Wednesday, the first day of Rosh Hoshanah, and will be snapping it shut again next Friday, September 13.

During these ten Days of Awe, he’s going to be watching you, taking notes and making a decision about your coming year. You have the opportunity now to atone for all the mistakes, faux-pas, and downright heinous sins that you committed in the previous 12 months. If you grovel enough, you may just stay God’s hand as he sits up there with his eraser poised to rub you right out of the Book of Life, and scribble your name into the Book of Death.

God, the Editor. Yes, well… 
This Jewish holy season reflects so well the astrology of this time of year. We are in the month of Virgo, and today is the New Moon, which always falls near the start of the Days of Awe. Virgo is, of course, gifted with an analytical understanding of the written word. (So many writers have Virgo Rising.) Virgo is the editor of the zodiac with the attention to detail, ruthlessness and perfectionism that implies.
Observant Jews now will be taking a look at the last 12 months, analysing it and making amends for their errors. It’s a form of editing, I guess. Like the Rabbi say, Rosh Hoshonah, time to get clarity.
But here is the real message of the Virgo New Moon, summed up by well… just watch the video – an homage to Daft Punk – and dig the words. Shana tova…

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LB said:

Thanks for that video! It’s perfect for where I’m at these days, especially with today’s New Moon in Virgo conjunct my Ascendant by less than a degree.:) Getting clarity and changing the things we can is a very worthwhile message.


Christina said:

Yes, and I think the window of opportunity for getting clarity is a week or so.


Anonymous said:

I’ve been slandered in regard to my work. Debating whether to pursue it or not, I realized that I’m not really a private citizen; I write carefully about a very tricky set of subjects, hundreds of people depend on me to get it right, and I have to protect my reputation for accuracy, full disclosure and general integrity. There are so few people who can do what I do that the loss or dilution of my voice would actually be rather a bad thing.

It’s not about me; it’s about the work. So I have to pursue this, nauseating and distressing though it is to do so.

As for my own sins… well, honestly, I’d have loved to have the opportunity to have generated enough to really feel 🙂 Working on improvement has become such a practical, physical thing.



Anonymous said:

The point of that was, it was an interesting thing to get such clarity on 🙂 Now to pray for guidance, tenacity and justice…


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