Astrology of Now: What This Merc Rx Is Good For

July 12, 2013

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D likes to mooch around the local junk market on Thursdays. Today he came home with an old record player. We are spinning discs that have been in storage for – ahem – decades this afternoon. Perfect on a sunny evening with Mercury retrograding through the sign of nostalgia, Cancer. 

Listening to Ella Fitzgerald, very scratchy, mono Gone With The Wind. This record was already an antique when I first acquired it many, many years ago.

Only eight more days for serious wallowing in nostalgia. Mercury goes direct on the 20th and the Sun goes into be-here-now Leo on the 22nd. Having said that though, a lot of energy still stays in Cancer for the rest of the month – Mars, Jupiter and Mercury, also Pallas and Lilith.

Cancer is watery and emotional. But it is also one of the cardinal signs: there’s nothing weak about Cancer. This is a leadership sign, emotional leadership.

With Mercury Rx here, we’re given the opportunity to examine our emotions, pick them apart, understand them. Mercury is curious. He needs to know. This is a period for contemplating your own naval, picking out the fluff and figuring out how it got there.

If you haven’t seen Festen – called Celebration in the US –
about a family reunion that goes awry – now’s your chance.

Cancer is also the sign of the family. Take a good cool, Mercurial look at the dynamics of your own family – the one you come from or the one you created. How does this make you feel? How could you fix it?

On the 20th, Mercury goes forward, but not out of Cancer. All the stuff you are learning about your emotions and your family now during the retrograde, you may be able to take action on later in the Mars, the planet of action is now in Cancer. With Pallas, the queen of logic and strategy, here too, it could be the time for you to try a new way of managing complex emotional dynamics. For example, how do you deal with your brother’s wife? Or your daughter’s hormones?
month. This is especially true since

What is more, Jupiter is also in Cancer – expanding our emotions, our love of family, of the past, of country even. This could be a cue for sentimental nationalism. Wrap yourself in the flag and watch old war movies if you must, but your time would be better spent in understanding the things that you can really affect: your self, your loved ones, and the people who depend on you. Jupiter lends any enterprise to do with family or feelings a big helping of luck.

There are caveats. I’m going to a huge family gathering at the end of the month – Jupiter in Cancer. Let’s hope the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Lilith and Pallas is not too combustible.

Astrology of Now, Jupiter in Cancer, Lilith, Mercury Retrograde


Diane L said:

I’m going to a huge family gathering at the end of the month – Jupiter in Cancer. Let’s hope the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Lilith and Pallas is not too combustible.

My! You are a brave soul! 😀 Good luck w/your cat herding . . . that’s what my family reunions often become.

xo diane~


Christina said:

I’ll keep my head down and see what transpires.


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