Astrology of Now: All Our Stories Are Big

May 8, 2013

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Whenever I sit down and talk to someone about a chart, it strikes me afresh just how interesting and unexpected people’s stories are. Everyone’s life is not just one story but a whole necklace of tales threaded together by one soul. Those tales, of course, weave in and out of other people’s lives, creating a huge tapestry of humanity.
Everyone counts. Every single person’s unique experience is important.
Every person you meet is at that particular moment the endpoint of a whole mass of stories that spread out behind them across the world through time and space like multi-coloured ribbons. Those stories are filled with emotions: with love and rivalry, pain and desire. And you become part of that person’s story, and so it goes on.

One of the most deadening effects of consumer capitalism, and the advertising/celebrity “culure” that helps to drive us to shop, is the undervaluing of our own “small” individual lives. The unglamorous, not especially powerful, not hugely wealthy life is full of just as much pain and love and hope as the life of that TV chef or that politician.
From the outside your life might not even seem that dramatic. But we live our lives from the inside. All out stories are big.
Right now, we are in the midst of the transit of Uranus, through the sign of Aries, the sign of me. It’s stitching two ends of the Zodiac together.
The Zodiac begins with the most “selfish” individualistic signs – Aries and Taurus – runs the gamut from me, to us two at Gemini, to all of us in Aquaruis, to all of us dissolving into everything in Pisces. Then we are thrown back again to the beginning, hatching afresh into that distillation, that essence of humaness that is Aries.
In a way this parallels a human life, we are babies in the Spring, children and young adults in the summer, lovers and parents in summer and autumn, old people in winter and then we dissolve into the dream in Pisces.
Uranus is a contradictory sort of planet. It is about freedom but also about conformity, about rebellion but also about being part of a group. It rules the sign of collective humanity, of groups, Aquarius, yet it’s energy is individualistic.
With Uranus in Aries, we should all wake up to our own uniqueness. Uranus has spent 21 years in the most collective sign – Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. These were the decades of reality TV, celebrities who were nobodies. Finally, everyone really was famous for 15 minutes. We look back at the world of the 1990s and noughties and see a fug of complacent consumerism. This was dealt a body blow by Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in 2007 when the financial underpinnings of the whole enterprise were thrown into questions. But still we carry on.
In 2011,  people spilled onto the streets around the world and started shouting – a collective new born baby, Uranus in Aries, on a tide of group emotion, Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius.
Aries is also about experiencing life directly – not through TV or twitter or someone else – but directly yourself. New technology, which grew and developed as Uranus went through the collective signs connecting us all together, should no longer be a way to escape reality – that was so Uranus in Pisces – but a way to encounter it, and a way to express you own individuality.
So now until July, Jupiter the planet of big is in Gemini, the sign of the bard, the sign that makes sense of our lives through telling it. It’s widely sextile Uranus still, a nifty, dynamic angle, so we have storytelling connected to the uniqueness of I by an aspect that enjoins action. And right between those two planets this week, there’s an eclipse in Taurus, the sign that says, among other things, I value; I consume.

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Anonymous said:

You are amazing, thank you for your positive original insight into wtf is goin’ on these days. Makes the world seem less scary no energy and way more fun and valuable! Thank you O. A.!


Anonymous said:

This is beyond accurate. My issues are coming out way magnified than ever, I can’t even not look at it and I know listening to James Blunt obsessively isn’t going to help.

Glad I am not alone in this bs.

Taurus Sun…

Stella (from Singapore!)


Anonymous said:

Most peoples lives are roughly the same. Its only when you meet someone who really has a different life will you be able to appreciate this.


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