Learning From Your Own History: Eclipses Part Two

April 26, 2013

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Kali dancing on Shiva. Kali is associated
with the North Node, Rahu, in Hindu astrology.

Take a look at the comments on the previous post and you’ll see that readers have already come up with some telling examples of how eclipses across Taurus/Scorpio have worked for them in the past.

It’s obvious that it’s not just the actual eclipse degrees themselves, but the position of the North and South Lunar Nodes that’s important. As you know, the signs through which the Nodes are transiting are the signs of the current eclipses. The closer the Sun or Moon is to the nodal axis on the day of the Full or New Moon, the greater the eclipse.

So when you were born, the eclipses were taking place in the signs of your Nodes. This should give you an idea of the fated quality of eclipses, but also of the Nodal axis in your chart.

If you check your own chart, you’ll see which houses will be hit. That’s where you can expect change, but it may not be in quite the way you think. It’s actually more accurate to go on past experience, but sometimes you need to add up the experiences to really see what’s happening.

I’ll give you an uncannily precise example from my own life.

My own North Node is in Taurus, which means my South Node is in Scorpio. The North Node conjuncts my MC, my status in the world, and the South Node is on the my IC, my foundations. So this  current eclipse season is a mirror of my natal chart.

The last time the North Node was in Scorpio as it is now, was in 1994/95.

Back in 1994, I finally got together with the father of my children on the night of the lunar eclipse on my North Node at 28° Taurus. It was a momentous occasion with Scorpionic overtones. Yes, there was betrayal, secrecy and sex. And compulsion.

Subsequently, I turned into Kali for a while, destroying everything that made my life secure in a short space of time, eliminating everything on the IC in a violent purge, and my then-partner, a Taurus (sorry). The eclipse squared my natal Lilith exactly. There unfolded years of transformation and turmoil and in fact, being single: I did not tumble straight from one relationship into the next – and reader, that was very good for me in the end, although as a 7th house Sun, hard.

Eight years later, as the nodes moved back into Taurus/Scorpio and a few months before a lunar eclipse at 27° Taurus, we finally decided that we couldn’t live without each other. At Trivandrum airport in South India, I bought a sadhu a cup of tea. This was just a mitzvah on my part, but it turned out that he was a devotee of Kali and, seeing that I was childless, he said he would pray to the goddess for a daughter for me.

A year later, when transiting North Node came to 29° Taurus,  a week or so after the next eclipse, my beautiful daughter was born.

That was nine years after my first encounter with D. Nine years is, of course, half a nodal cycle. The consequences of the events of that night in the 1990s took years to unfold, but at each event the transiting Nodes were within a degree of my natal Nodes.

Now one might not necessarily assume that eclipses near the MC would be about relationships and motherhood. Naturally, one would put these in maybe the 7th and 5th houses. But you can see the themes of creation and procreation here. The Taurus/Scorpio energy was powerful. The MC/IC axis is about your status in the world and in the home. It’s the public/private axis. Clearly for me motherhood and partnership are central, but for the next person, they might not be. This is why working from your own history is so useful.

I am already working on my necklace of severed heads and sharpening my sickle.



eclipses, Nodes


Cosmic Mummy said:

My North Node is 5 degrees Scorpio, exactly on my Mc and South Node Taurus, so was interested to read your mirror image account of events. Don’t want to speak too soon but have yet to experience anything unusual. Incidentally, as a Gem Sun, Sag Asc, the Eclipses starting with 19th June last year (my actual Solar Return) have impacted my chart spot on, but with little life upset to talk of. Could I be out of sync with my birthchart?!


Christina said:

I doubt it, but maybe your life is in much less need of urgent action than mine was back in 1994.

I am not sure that upset is the way I look at it. It’s more necessary jumps forward. Also, you have to look at the rest of the chart too. Yours may well be a lot more flowing than mine, so those accelerations may not seem so abrupt.

To be honest also, I have only realised quite how this worked for me years later. Sometimes astrology is so much easier with hindsight! I would really love to hear if you have any further insights into this.


Sabina said:

With four hands, shouldn’t take too long ;P


Y said:

I have a north node in Taurus, South node in Scorpio but nothing significance is happening around me these days, peaceful though, should I make a wish?


Anonymous said:

Of course your NN being in Taurus, Venus was very important in your horoscope in 94/95 together with Lilith.
How about when your daughter was born ? Was the Moon prominent then ?
And when you got together with your husband was there an aspect with Saturn or Juno ?



Christina said:

oh yes to all that. Tr Saturn conjunct the Moon when my daughter was born – and no, I had post-natal euphoria for about a year!

I just checked Juno for the night in question – Juno conjunct the Sun in the eclipse! In fact there was a Jupiter, Sun, Juno, Pluto stellium trine my natal Mars-Saturn.


Laura Serena said:

Well, Christina, I’m so glad I looked in on your blog today. My nodes are also in Taurus/Scorpio, and I’m going to have to think on this. Interesting since in fall of 2003, I was badly injured at work, causing a permanent disability. But it also forced me to give up a job that was a bad fit for me anyway, because it stifled my creativity. My south node is in Scorpio, in the 5th house. Some charts show it in the 4th, though, depending on the house system used, so this also involves my 4th and 10th.


Christina said:

Also I think that NN in Taurus does demand that you make something real in this life, something to leave behind. I blame my SN in Scorpio for the way I waste energy on interpersonal relationships when I should just be making a painting.


Isy Aweigh said:

This is right across my nodal axis and my Asc/Desc axis. The eclipse is across the 12/6 houses and the nodes across 1/7 — in wide (9deg) orb across my own nodes: NN in Taurus/1st, SN in Scorpio/7th — with natal Neptune bang in the middle between them.

Everything is changing, and not straightforwardly: health is up in the air either to get better or worse, relationship (with a Scorpio) is deepening though at a distance of 600 miles, and my physical and inward sense of self (1st) is climbing through a fog (12th) which could land me in any of at least 6 directions…

The transiting Mars combust the Sun is flaring straight over my natal Mars combust the Sun. Good times. Yah. Right. No wonder I’ve been in a flare myself for weeks now.

I can’t find it in me to complain. My natural curiosity would massacre the entire feral feline population of several Greek islands, and I can’t wait to see how things go.


Isy Aweigh said:

P.S. Christina, I might have a connection to someone (er, Someone) who could sharpen up a damn fine sickle, possibly of stone… 😉


Anonymous said:

Great post, and thank you for sharing!

South Node in Taurus (11th), and N. Node and Moon in Scorpio (5th). These two houses are on a T-square with Pluto in Leo (3rd). So, I assume the 9th house is the empty leg.

I’ll do my best to document what happens during Scorpio and Taurus eclipses.



Anonymous said:

Can you ask Kali to make some needed “cuts” to India’s growing number of rapists?


Christina said:

do you think the numbers are growing, or that woman are less frightened about speaking up?


Sabrina said:

Thanks for sharing. Good material for thought. I wish I had more time to look in with more depth, but there was solar eclipse right on my NN in late Sag, conj my IC when I was a kid, and my parents separated legally.
Dec 2011 fell in my 3rd house (and my son’s) change of neighborhood, and change of schools.
Now, my mom has her Nodes in the Taurus-Scorp axis, in the 2-8 houses. so I wil keep an eye…


ayu said:

I just have this crazy thought of changing my job before suffering a heart-breaking break-up. This was what exactly happened in the last eclipse, now that I reflect. Don’t even need to do my charts to check because I can link the events up too well.

Wondering what the universe is trying to tell me… 🙁


alina said:

i am a gemini, first decan, and in beginning nov 2002 i got married to a bull, last decan. in mid may 2003 we had our splitting discussion and end nov 2003 we filled for divorce.

now, since 2 years i’m struggling to build a relation with a capricorn, last decan. we split “for good” beginning oct 2012. this weekend he will try to come back …but next week there’s the eclipse and i know exactly on what will be the fight


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