Six Things To Do With Venus in Pisces

March 5, 2013

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Ursula Andress – Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn in Pisces

There’s an incredible amount of energy in the sign of the fishes this month, helped by the bicentennial transit of Neptune through the sign. Neptune is joint ruler of Pisces, along with Jupiter, but since he comes so seldom, when he does visit, he has huge impact.

Now Neptune has an affinity with Venus. Together they rule both art and love, when they join together, as they do once a year, a very beautiful energy suffuses the atmosphere for a day or so. But when they come together in Pisces, this atmosphere becomes almost eerily ethereal.

Venus is traditionally exalted in Pisces. In other words, she is at her best. Before the discovery of Neptune, I suspect in her exaltation she became more Neptunian.

This conjunction will take place many times in Pisces over the next decade influencing the art of this whole period. Here are some ideas to get you in the Pisces frame of of mind (especially if you have no planets or points swimming with the fish).

1. Go for a swim.

2.  Go to an art gallery and look at the work created between about 1850 (Neptune in Pisces decade) to 1910 (work created by people born with Neptune in Pisces)

Irises by Vincent Van Gogh – Venus, Mercury, Neptune, MC in Pisces

3. Take up a slim volume of poetry and read it.

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of ANNABEL LEE;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.

––extract from Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe – Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Pluto

The caged bird sings
with fearful trill
of the things unknown
but longed for still
and its tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom
           ––extract from I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou – Mercury-Venus in Pisces

4. Go to the movies. Obviously a romantic movie set by the sea would be better. But all film is ruled by Neptune, and with so many different planetary energies in Pisces, you could make a case for anything.

Pauline at the Beach by Eric Rohmer – Venus-Uranus and Mercury in Pisces

5. Listen to the blues. Pisces does not have a corner on melancholy music but consider Pisces Suns Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain, not to mention the Lady…

Billie Holiday – Venus, Jupiter,
Chiron, Mars , Mercury in Pisces

6. Finally, turn the lights down low, get in the bath, with a glass of fine wine (Neptune is Dionysian) and immerse yourself in Chopin. This is a recording by Dinu Lipatti, also a Pisces and some say Chopin’s greatest interpreter.

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Pisces, Things to Do, Venus


Sabrina said:

Number 7. Get some good, deep Beauty Sleep 🙂


Christina said:

Absolutely — and have some extraordinary dreams while you’re at it.


Anonymous said:

Thank you for the Chopin! Beautiful.


Anonymous said:

In these earlier degrees, Venus in Pisces is transiting my fifth house. I have spent the past couple of weeks immersed in a children’s theater production of Peter Pan; fairy dust and mermaid lagoons and a high maintenance,bespangled,10-foot long crocodile prop. One more performance to go,and on Monday Venus crosses the cusp into my sixth house;goodbye,Neverland!


Anonymous said:

Lovely Chopin clip, thank you!


Anonymous said:

thank you Christina, beautiful music
now I’m all dreamy for the rest of the day
I had made plans for this afternoon to do a bit of work, but now I think I’ll just float along (maybe read a book / chill out the way Neptune wants it).



Christina said:

Me too. It’s so lovely here today, blossom and birdsong…


Vesta said:

Neptune in pisces art is my favourite. 🙂 I already read a poem a day, so now for this year, I’ve set myself a challenge of writing one a day. I think I have strong pisces, I can relate to it a lot anyway. I have natal uranus/pluto conjunct in virgo 12th house. Pisces is my 5th/6h house, almost 50/50. My chiron and ceres are in pisces, as is saturn which is very busy – t-square with that uranus/pluto in virgo, and mars/venus in Sag, and also grand water trine with sun and jupiter), chiron and ceres are there. I was just reflecting on this the other day, how as a sun Scorpio and that t-square energy, people expect me to be one way, but actually, inside, I would much prefer to be softer and more receptive. So now I’m thinking about how I can be more how I feel, and not so much meet other people’s expectations.
Beautiful choice of music, thank you. 🙂


Vesta said:

awful grammar, sorry, I blissed out listening to the music and failed to proofread. Anyway… 🙂


Isy said:

Scorpio is of the nature of unexpected, in my view, so I rarely expect a Scorpio to be what I’d expect, no matter the parameters 🙂 My partner is a Scorpio sun, with Mercury cazimi; he’s the most subtly aware of my moods of anyone I’ve been with, and quietly, with no fuss, adapts to what I need. I have a pretty hellacious neuro disease, so this is a quality I cherish as much as air!

Christina said it once: Scorpios are capable of providing the most profound healing, even if it’s not what you’d expect.

Another friend of mine says, “Remember that Scorpio is the eagle as well as the serpent. Not just wisdom, but perspective.”

I’m not well acquainted with you, but this entry makes me think that your poetry is likely to be quite remarkable (grammatical or not :)) and that it could be a method for healing, possibly healing others too. Letting go of others’ expectations is perfectly in line with that, for when did the best poetry ever come from anything but being immersed in your truth?

Lovely thought to start the year with — I’m eagerly in favor of healing, and I love musical and poetical language, so I feel better about 2017 right now, thanks to you 🙂


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