December Horoscopes

December 1, 2012

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Enjoy this festive month, dear readers. You deserve a wonderful holiday after this rather arduous year, and truly this could be a very merry Christmas.

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Sabrina said:

Piscesishness!!! Still laughing. Thanks for the reminder of the wonderful opportunity we are beien given with Neptune in our sign. How truly blessed we are. Will definitely let the man with Cap Asc take charge this year. Happy Holidays xxo


Leslee said:

Hi Christina,
I think for Leo Saturn will be in the 4th house for the next 2 years, not 3rd house, no? I already went through 2+ years of Saturn in 3rd!


Christina said:

You are quite right, lessee. I was login king of my owm Leo, who se asc is so late in the sign. I’m going to correct that now.


Christina said:

Sorry that should be Leslee!


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