November Horoscopes and the Eclipses

November 1, 2012

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The Witching Hour by Miriam Escofet.

We’re blasting into November in the wake of the extraordinary Full Moon of October 29th.

And oh my goodness – so much to write about for November with two eclipses and a retrograde Mercury.

Eclipses bring change, and the two coming up are powerfully aligned with the outer planets. The first, a Scorpio solar eclipse on the 13th, is the beginning of a new series across the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The second lunar one in Gemini, is the ultimate in a series that’s been running for 18 months, which goes across Gemini-Sagittarius. In very simple terms, we’re moving from the information axis to the money axis. Scorpio is, of course, the sign that rules debt: Taurus rules income.

As we are all, rather miserably, aware, money ain’t what it used to be. This could become even more evident in the next 18 months – or, and I hope this is the case, we may finally begin to see some real solutions to the current crisis in capitalism. Mercury retrogrades this month from Sagittarius into Scorpio, suggesting a rethink about the same issues.

We have two important scheduled political changes – the US election and China’s 18th National Congress which is due to elect a new leader, the first in 10 years. Expect the unexpected.

To see how the astrological weather works in your own chart, click here for this month’s horoscopes.



Lachesis said:

Well it’s only the 1st and you’re bang on for an Aries friend of mine. I hope the rest of the month pans out as nicely for her. Looks like some of the fog might clear for me (Pisces/Sagittarius). All this home stuff is odd, though. I want to run away all the time. Far, far away…
And what a beautiful picture you chose for November. Haunting.
Hope your foot is mending.


Christina said:

Isn’t Miriam insanely talented? Take a look at her website.


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