Corrupt Britain, Listen To The Children

October 3, 2012

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A while ago I met someone who had been molested by the late kid’s TV host Jimmy Savile back in the 1970s. I won’t disgust you with the details; he was a little boy at the time and Savile a middle-aged man. I wasn’t particularly surprised to hear it – after all Savile’s whole persona was pedophiliac from the sleazy glasses to the easy-off tracksuit bottoms.

That was before the media finally decided to tell the real story of Sir Jimmy Savile. Tonight an exposé on ITV will interview 10 of his victims.

(For my non-UK readers. Jimmy Savile was on TV for most of the 70s, 80s and 90s. He presented a lot of shows for kids, including one called Jim’ll Fix It. To foreigners, his success was perplexing.)

Rumours about Savile’s predatory behaviour have been around for decades. It was a known unknown. Allegedly there was never enough evidence to nail him.

In fact, no one was willing to listen to the children. There has been a steady trickle of allegations.

Why is the truth coming out now after all these years?

Again and again in recent exposés of child sex abuse, we find that people knew, but no one talked. A person in position of authority – a priest, a TV legend – threatens, coerces forces a child into unspeakable acts. And then for decades the child is too frightened and ashamed to accuse, or if he or she does tell someone, nothing comes of it, or worse the child is punished.

Darth Vader: Actually some
people are just bad.

And the institutions collude. The Catholic Church we now know about. But the BBC?

It is obvious there has been a cover-up. Apparently, the BBC kept a security guard outside Savile’s dressing room to keep children OUT. The people in charge knew. Savile’s sexual tastes were an open secret.

Why would the BBC go to such lengths to cover for Savile? What did he know about whom within the organisation that gave him “power”? The fact that he was a big TV personality would not have been enough to protect him, there must be a deeper reason. Here is part of a transcript of an interview he did with Louis Theroux.

Theroux has seen a piece of paper with his own name and home address on it in Savile’s flat.

Theroux: How did you get the address?
Savile: I can get anything me.
Theroux: How did you get it though.
Savile: I can get anything. There’s nothing I can’t get and there’s nothing I can’t do.

And he turns out to have been right, because he died before anyone took him to court.

Why did the police fail to follow up allegations? Why did fellow journalists fail to get the story? The News of the World could tap Millie Dowler’s telephone but they couldn’t expose the country’s most famous child molester. Why not?

The obvious suspicion is that some of the other people involved in the child sex abuse, such as that going in at the children’s home Haut de la Garenne in Jersey, were genuinely powerful.

Pluto will be repeatedly transiting
the UK Sun and IC over the next year.
These are the pillars that hold up the country.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have already resulted in the exposure of corruption in most branches of established power in this country: parliament with the MPs expenses scandal, the tabloid press (Leveson), the police (Leveson and Hillsborough), the coroner’s court (Hillsborough), the banks (LIBOR). We just have the Royal Family, the Church of England and the BBC left to go and now Auntie looks like she’s been harbouring pedophiles.  Savile’s great friend Jonathan King, another DJ, was jailed in 2000 for grooming and raping boys. That was one down – how many more to go?

Uranus (shock) in Aries, which is the sign which just blurts out the truth. Pluto (exposure) in Capricorn (the Establishment). Up until now, these two have been complemented by Saturn touring through Libra, the sign of the courts, of law, of politics and also of trade. Libra’s scales were originally a merchant’s measure. So you can see what has been exposed.

The importance of Saturn in the current pattern is that he is the reaper of grim rewards. What you sow, Saturn will eventually force you to reap. Saturn is also about rules. Rules have been broken – and now that is exposed.

But in a few days time, on Oct 6, Saturn will go into Scorpio. The relatively polite Libran treatment of rule-breakers is over. The gloves will come off.

Scorpio is the sign of sex and of taboo. There is no deeper taboo than molesting children. There is almost nothing that makes people more angry and vengeful. Even quite reasonable people like me.

Jimmy Savile’s chart

Needless to say, the “alleged” child-molester Jimmy Savile was born with Saturn in Scorpio. He has a Lilith/Moon conjunction in Virgo (the sign of the virgin/whore dichotomy), and Pluto conjunct the North Node in the Moon’s sign Cancer. Moon equals Mother. He slept in his dead mother’s bed which he called “the altar” and kept a wardrobe full of her clothes which he had dry cleaned once a year. Macabre. Sun-Venus in Scorpio, too. There have been ugly rumours about Savile’s other proclivities for years also, which I cannot repeat here.

The other question is this. What does it say about a country or its institutions, when a child molester is put in charge of one of popular children’s TV shows. In the 1970s, we weren’t aware of the phenomenon of pedophilia in the way we are now. But it was still obvious to the casual TV viewer that there was something very wrong with Sir Jimmy. And yet he was lauded, treated as a bit of a clown. His celebrity also got him easy access to children’s homes and hospitals. He was famous for his fundraising. Charitable donations in return for access to children’s bodies. It’s a disgrace.

Did Savile have access to people in power? Take a look at his chart with the UK chart. His North Node-Pluto conjunction is on the UK’s Midheaven, the highest people in the land. His Pluto, the blackmailer, is actually exactly on the MC, which puts it opposite the UK Sun, the heart of the nation.

The UK Sun is at 9° Capricorn, and it’s about to get hit by transiting Pluto, ready to expose the truth now after all this time, or completely bury it. Come December the transit will be exact. Let’s see if Uranus manages to blow the lid off things completely, and it’ll hit again next year.

Savile’s friends Gary Glitter and Jonathan King are both convicted pedophiles, both still living and both  could tell more.

Here are links to more about this case:
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Here is a link to my post on the Catholic Child abuse scandal.
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And finally here’s a clip from Tommy, a the rock musical written by The Who at the time that Savile and his friends were groping their way around London.

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Anonymous said:

Teachers at my school provided boys for Jimmy Savile, in the seventies. The school got some publicity. Few people seem to realise how deep the wounds are from child sex abuse – he is dead, but the truth still needs to be exposed.


Christina said:

Pedophiles have gotten away with their behaviour because the rest of society turned a blind eye and failed to understand how wounding abuse is. It shows an astonishing lack of imaginative empathy. A great failure. I like to think we are in a better place now, but then I read about those girls in Rochester.


Christina said:

Also – no one is mentioning the boys yet… but I hope that part comes out too.


Jean Funken said:

I liked this post, Christina. Shame you could not provide more astrological data about this sinister person (I would have appreciated to know his AS & MC for instance). But interesting anyway. Please enjoy your day! Jean.


Anonymous said:

There are plenty of photographs of Jimmy Savile with boys, with him touching them in ways that adults usually don’t. I am in one of those photos. He used to take boys out in his white Rolls with personlized number plates, which was a huge treat, until the boy had to pay for it – just like one of the women describes paying for a day out with Jimmy.


Anonymous said:

Savile Fallout? Savile lied about ever being in Jersey homes until photoes turned up, now everyone very riled ::

Senator Francis Le Gresley, who successfully brought a proposition in the States, to overturn the previous Council of Ministers decision NOT to hold a Committee Of Inquiry (COI) into the Jersey Child Abuse atrocities has told VFC Exclusively that he will resign if a fit for purpose Terms Of Reference is not agreed for the (hopefully) up-coming COI.

The Senator who also told us “for me the proposition I brought last year to request the Council Of Ministers to reconsider their decision NOT to have a COI was probably the most important proposition I’ll ever bring as a States Member.” Clearly demonstrates his unwavering commitment, if not passion, to have a “fit for purpose” COI that will help to bring some kind of closure to this very dark chapter in Jersey’s murky History.



Christina said:

I would love to know his birth time, just to complete the picture, but on the other hand I do not want to give him any more head space.

Yes, the truth about the boys will ooze out. He may not be brought to justice but his cohort might be.


Gil said:

Thanks Christina, for posting this.

Unfortunately, children still aren’t believed. It goes on. Still, we are more aware of ‘it’ now.

A crime has been committed and molesters should know that they will be brought before the legal system.

You would report it if someone kicked your dog, or scratched your car, but not your child, not sexual abuse, because it still carries the stigma of shame. Why? I don’t know. The child takes that on, the abuser manipulates that.

Often, the abuser blackmails the child. ‘You love your mummy and daddy don’t you? Well if you tell anyone, your mummy and daddy will go to prison’.

We need to bring this out into the open and treat it as the crime that it is.


Anonymous said:

‘A school tutor, who does not wish to be named for fear of damaging his professional reputation, told The Mirror he was groped by the late TV star after meeting him on a family outing. The teacher, now aged in his 40s, said: “I’ve lived with this memory for years, but have always feared that saying something in public could damage my career.”‘


mm said:

Good piece, Christina.

Extraordinary the effect of Mercury and Saturn moving into Scorpio, and the emphasis in the last few days on child abuse in various forms. Jimmy Savile, the jailing for life of the football coach in the US, the awful abduction in Wales, the teacher running off with an underage pupil.

It will be interesting to see what transpires over the coming months. Watch this space, methinks.


Julie said:

Just for anybody reading this who needs support – there’s a good website ‘The National Association of People Abused in Childhood’. You don’t have to go through it on your own x


Sarah Mc said:

My goodness, Christina, how accurately you interpret Saturn’s progression into Scorpio. I was happy to wave a ‘fond’ farewell to Saturn in Libra and by George, Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception. Sex scandals and dark, horrible dealings being flushed through into the light. You fortold it all! Thanks for being such a prescient companion!


Sabrina said:

I also try not to give too much ‘head space’ to these people and subjects. But I’m glad much needed light is shed on them to heal the past and bring it to justice….and also to protect the future, and glad you brought it up. Now, how do we use astrology as a preventive tool in this case? are there particular aspects or transits that you consider red flags?


Anonymous said:

I’ve just been searching through various websites and blogs – the scale is immense – google ‘Scallywag’, Savile procured boys from care homes for a massive and very powerful paedophile ring. I really hope that this all comes out.


Anonymous said:

Was Savile part of a paedophile ring that only contained some of the most influential and highest in the land ? It’s very improbable, but it does seem strange that he got away with it all his life. If he had been prosecuted, it might have meant that he would name all the others. Was this his protection ? He knew he was safe as houses if it was.
This scenario isn’t very likely, but look at what was exposed in Belgium. This scenario actually happened yet some of the important ‘players’ still managed to remain out of view.


Anonymous said:

Was Savile part of a paedophile ring that only contained some of the most influential and highest in the land ? It’s very improbable, but it does seem strange that he got away with it all his life. If he had been prosecuted, it might have meant that he would name all the others. Was this his protection ? He knew he was safe as houses if it was.
This scenario isn’t very likely, but look at what was exposed in Belgium. This scenario actually happened yet some of the important ‘players’ still managed to remain out of view.


Christina said:

Anon – I keep thinking of Belgium too.


rose said:

I found your article very interesting. I think the pluto uranus square is blowing the lid off abuse and even worse worldwide. Uranus also rules modern technology and I am sure that events have been exposed as never before via the internet. Through this medium of communication I have been able to read about Rev Kevin Annetts pursual of the britsh monachy & roman catholic church for the murder and abuse of 50000 Indian children in Canada; the hidden truth of the Dunblane massacre and the fact tony blair slapped D notices on everything to conceal the elites guilt. It would be very interesting if you could look at the charts of the so called leaders I wonder what the investigation would rveal.


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