Cancer: The Power of Four

July 13, 2012

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Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac: the first water sign, and the second of the Cardinals. Cancer rules the natural fourth house, that is the bottom of the chart, the sector upon which the whole chart rests.

This fourth house represents the place we come from – our family, our culture, our milieu as children, it shows the foundation of the self. Cancer rules memory, and often the fourth house is where we lock those memories up. Anyone with Neptune on the IC knows what it’s like to have a foundation that’s foggy.

But the fourth house is also called the house of endings. It’s a water house, emotional, irrational, a swamp, a mystery, a place to bury the dead.

Cancer’s ruler is the Moon, childish, a little crazy. Nurturing, nourishing, nostalgic. The Mother, the dark womb, the dark tomb.

This is the month when the Sun travels through Cancer,  lighting up those regions of the regions of the mind and soul and world that are more comfortable in the soft silvery light of the Moon. What’s remarkable during this Uranus-Pluto square is that every planet which enters the sea of Cancer dives straight into an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and a square to Uranus: instant pressure.

And Saturn is still in Libra, so that as a planet moves from the beginning of Cancer to the end of the sign, it swims straight into a harsh question from old father time: are you taking responsibility.

But back to four-square. All our foundations are being shaken –  Pluto demands a purge, Uranus demands change. Uranus in Aries is selfish; Pluto in Capricorn is corporate. Cancer and the fourth house can be all about habits – what habits do you have that need fixing? what are you being forced to change?

Venus is the next planet to run the Cancer gamut this year. That comes at the end of this month. Then Ceres, which should be very interesting as the goddess of wheat goes into Cancer at the end of September. I think there may be more crop failures. Jupiter and Vesta are due for their pummelling in 2013 but by the Saturn will have moved on to Scorpio.

The power of four is about getting our foundations right. But all those fours that I listed at the top are also flexible. Think of how DNA works. You have the four basic building blocks but the potential for different combinations is infinite. Imagine if one of those building blocks was removed, or wrong, though. Think how your arms and legs works. They’re tremendously useful, everyone’s are different – and some people lead full rich lives without. (The thalidomide babies are currently having a Chiron Return.)

Your own foundations may not be shifting, but those around you certainly will.




Isy Aweigh said:

Particularly beautiful piece.

And rather scary.

I’ve a 4th house Cancer, but it’s empty, not even an asteroid (of those that reports.) However, on its journey through Cancer, the Sun is trining natal Neptune in Scorpio and Saturn/Chiron in Pisces at the same time. That could explain a few things. Soon it’ll trine Venus in Pisces, perhaps as balm.


Christina said:

Really it’s normal to have plenty of empty houses – really nothing to worry about. You need to look at the condition of the ruler of that house for info. In your case the Moon. Sun trine Venus – nice. You’re lucky to have that Venus in Pisces, very nice placement.


Lillia said:

Just discussed some deep issues about home & our relationship with my mother. I’m natal 10th house Cancer (Libra rising) with Mercury, Lilith, MC and Jupiter up there too.
She’s Aries rising so exactly opposed (ASC/DC conjunct to one degree) plus has Saturn, north node and IC in Cancer, all down the bottom.
To top it off we both have Capricorn moon, in opposite houses. So very helpful to explore our tense and complicated points of view and reactions to each other around houses, history, living together.


Christina said:

Lillia – that is a fascinating balance. Sometimes I’m just amazed at how astrology flows between generations. There’s a kind of yin-yang going on with you two.


Iris said:

Hi Christina, Have Vesta alone in 5h Cancer and am seeing her more clearly with this cardinal action. Anywho:
Last night saw this. I don’t know the astrology but thought the timing fascinating.


Anonymous said:

Just saw on the news today how the company that produced Thalidomide were warned about the effects years before it was finally taken off the market. Thought of your comments on this blog immediately! So, would this be linked to Chiron return and justice (as delayed as it may be) coming after all?


Blanka said:

Profound insight. Good to read something fundamental (pun intended) about Cancer/4th house. Having sun, moon, venus and north node in this sign, I am often irritated by the rather shallow (and often slightly negative) mother/home making image presented in general. Thank you. Love reading your bl


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