Gemini: Face To Face With History

June 14, 2012

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Gandhi’s morning walk, photographed by Margaret Bourke White (b. June 14, 1904)

In the tangled of intricacy of the natal chart, the Sun sign is so often dismissed as too vague or too broad an indicator. But when it comes to career, it should never be overlooked.

Migrant Mother

by Dorothea Lange (b. May 26, 1895)



The Sun is our core self, our identity, the light we shine on the world. In earlier times, for women, this would have been so hard to express, but today all of us could, within obvious limitations and if we so chose, express this through our career choice.

Is it a coincidence that three of the most successful pioneers of photography were all born under inquisitive, clever, cool Gemini?

Gemini, an air sign, is represented by the twins. It’s the first air sign, the first iteration of our connection with other people. With Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, we become aware of our self. With Taurus, we become aware of our senses, and with Gemini, we become aware of the other. We look out into the world. Of course, on a sophisticated level, that other is inside us, but more simply, Gemini is a social sign, “involved in mankind”. 

Mrs. Duckworth by Julia Margaret
Cameron (b. June 11, 1815)

Gemini is characterised as the reporter of the Zodiac; the sign that finds out the facts. But Gemini is also a teller of stories, a weaver of tales. Gemini does not just get the facts and spill them out in a disordered heap. Instead the facts are shaped, trimmed, remoulded to create a narrative.

A well-crafted news story is a Gemini product. Speedily delivered, perhaps cunningly acquired, swiftly crafted, gripping in its detail, a result of curiosity – and then gone in an instant. But the best, or most important stories, stay with us, shape our view of the world forever.

And the best photographs? Taken in an instant, understood at a glance, remembered forever.

Survivors of Buchenwald, photographed by Margaret Bourke-White.

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Diane L said:

These are really wonderful examples of Gemini at its best. Love ’em!



Anonymous said:

I’ve recently reconnected with a cousin–a Gemini and I’m getting much more of an understanding of Geminis through her. When they give you their undivided attention–rare and shortlived, you really have it. They are incredibly insightful and penetrating–moving on quickly sure, but if you can pin them down long enough to glean an insight, it’ll be a good one.


Christina said:

I so agree. Gemini’s can cut through the emotional mist around things like a silver needle …


How To Predict Astrology said:

Thanks for the epic post.


Sabrina said:

Photography telling a story! you made me think of neptune and mercury. I just had time to check on Dorothea Lange. You surely know it already, but I had fun finding out her neptune is in gemini as well as her sun, moon and mercury and pluto, some of them (neptune for sure) squaring her pisces NN. Like, like like.


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