Egypt: Eating Shit or Revolution?

June 18, 2012

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There’s been a creative explosion of graffiti in Cairo post-January 25

“Given a choice between eating shit or eating shit, most Egyptians have decided they’re not hungry,” Omar Kamel, Egyptian activist.

He was talking about the phony elections held in Egypt over the weekend. Astrology can be pretty depressing sometimes, since the tight hold of the (hidden and powerful) military junta has been what one would expect given the dominance of the 12th house of secrets in the Egyptian chart.

I ended one of my previous pieces on Egypt by pointing out that the opposition needed to stay very organised (Saturnian) in order to win the fight. Unfortunately, like the rest of the world right now, Egypt is finding it difficult to find a real leader. Successful change comes when you have Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi to inspire and guide a country to a new place. And frankly, those souls don’t come along too often.

I pointed out in my first piece on Egypt that the country was having a Saturn Return as they ousted Mubarak – and that President Sadat’s assassination had also taken place on a Saturn Return. In other words, at each Saturn Return since the establishment of the modern Egyptian state, the leader has been replaced.

Hosni Mubarak

In the Egyptian national chart*, Saturn is powerfully placed in Libra and in the second house of values. Saturn is still going through Libra now, although it is long past the natal Saturn. Still this means that the repercussions of Mubarak’s removal are not settled yet. When Saturn leaves Libra in October, things may settle down back into the bad old ways of oppression and depression. But I don’t think so.

Egypt’s crucial Saturn (9° Libra), which represents a country’s foundations, laws, regulations is under attack by Uranus-Pluto this month. As we know, Uranus is the planet of revolution, and Pluto is the planet of fear. Both are at angry angles to the Egyptian Saturn. Things could be explosive. This time it’s not going to go according to the script. With Uranus involved, anything could happen – including extreme suppression and a violent popular reaction.

Uranus is currently in Aries for the first time since the 1920s. This is about new starts and about change. It’s also about individualism. This energy is exaggerated by the passage of Pluto like a laser sweeping through Capricorn, the sign of governance. As we can see around the globe right now, any attempt to maintain the status quo is being challenged; government’s are wobbling.

Just to remind you: here are the exact squares between Uranus and Pluto, and the whole of the next few years will have these clashes as a backbeat. The final clash between these two at 15° exactly squares Egypt’s natal Uranus in Cancer.

24 June – 8° Pluto Rx
18 Sep – 6° Uranus Rx
20 May – 11° Pluto Rx
1 November  – 9° Uranus Rx
21 April – 13° Pluto Rx
15 December – 12° Uranus Rx
17 March – 15°

For Egypt, the change is not over.

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*The chart I use for Egypt is the result of some careful historical research. I’m looking forward to the day when I can cast a new one for the country.


Arab Spring, revolution, Saturn Return, Uranus-Pluto square


Anonymous said:

Ha ha – it’s not just the Egyptians who are feeling leaderless. We have a global epidemic of leader-lack – look at Europe, where an apparatchik like Hollande gets hailed as some kind of solution.


Sabrina said:

Yes it doesn’t sound like it will be the same. My home country has moon at 1 cap and the sun is at 12 cancer… Big changes I hope. But is the new generations that are creating th needed change. Another way to see that Uranus squaring Pluto is let go of fear. Please forgive my funny typing these days…little sleep and not always friendly phone 😉


Anonymous said:

Disagree. My Egyptian friends voted for third runner-up candidate in the (not believed by them, to be fair) first ballot, Hamdeen Sabahi. Another rigged election means it ain’t over til it’s over; that is, whenever the fat lady stops singing, as they say of the opera – or Pluto in Cap!


Christina said:

Disagree with what?


Isy Aweigh said:

A world void of leadership — yes. I suspect it’s at least partly because, as a downside to the incredible ease of communication, rising stars get noticed and cut down a lot quicker. I’ve seen examples of that at the local level — which of course is where world leaders generally start.


Christina said:

That had not occurred to me, Isy – but I hear what you’re saying. It does seem that politicians go up and down in popularity like yo-yos, and the ones who stick are not necessarily the best but the most boring.

Winston Churchill was after all a life-long depressive alcoholic. He would have been dropped fastish if he were in politics today.


Chris Richard said:

This was incredibly insightful. Things absolutely HAVE gotten explosive. Astrology isn’t about fortune telling, but this is very close to it.


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