More on Robbins, Absent Fathers and American Dreams

April 11, 2012

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As I was making soup just now, I had some (very obvious) thoughts about Anthony Robbins chart that I thought I’d better share immediatement. Right now, of course, Mercury is over his South Node and Mercury, so it makes sense to think about him again. Also he has just resold his abortive TV series of a few summers ago to Oprah. I wonder if this relaunch will turn out to be far more successful than the original, which was cancelled.

But here’s the point that came to me as I was chopping a really big potato. The highest planet in Robbins’ chart is Uranus. Uranus is often associated with unusual physical types – in particular giantism and dwarfism. As the highest planet, it is how he is perceived by those who don’t know him. It’s also opposite the chart ruler Venus in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus.

Aquarius is one of the collective signs, it’s the sign of groups, evening classes, charity. Aquarius is where groups of people with similar interests get together – and Uranus is the daddy.

This is how Robbins comes across to those of us who don’t know him. And lo, he has the sign of family on his MC. He makes his believers, sorry customers, feel like they are part of one big family, which I guess for him is a way of making up for the loss of his own father.

Right, that’s all folks. Except for this final thought, US Presidents specialise in absent or distant fathers. I wonder if one could make some sweeping generalisations about the American psyche and the search for Daddy….

PS Katie Sweetman on The OA Facebook site pointed out that the angles of Robbins chart are all about to get Uranus-Pluto kazammed.

Here’s a link to the full post on Robbins.

Profiles, Uranus


Anonymous said:

absent or distant fathers. I wonder if one could make some sweeping generalisations about the American psyche and the search for Daddy…

Uncomfortably true. Having spent time in the US they all seem to have daddy issues. Love loath or wanna make him proud cos I ain’t good enough, must please daddy or risk a whippin


Anonymous said:

Saturn is square Sun in the US Chart. The country has serious issues with father figures and authority.


Em said:

I just heard on NPR (Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, to be precise) that he changes $1,000,000 to have his private, home phone number for a year.


Christina said:

That is mad. I am sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.


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