Revisiting Cameron

December 12, 2011

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Back in October I wrote a piece about David Cameron, which I think is worth re-reading. Here is the link.

I asked this question: “Will he choose class or country?

I ended with this short paragraph which turns out to have been on the money.

“His country needs him. He urgently needs to pull himself together and fully embrace the fact that he is Prime Minister. It’s a lonely job, so get used to it, Dave. The times call for greatness not political point scoring.”

And since we’ve just been told we’re in recession, here’s what I said about the economy in that piece.

“…as a nation we are about to see our debt balloon out of control – and if you think our earning power is reduced now, just wait until Saturn goes into Scorpio in 2012.”

Sorry to be gloomy. The question we should all be asking ourselves in response to these times is personal: “What can I do?”

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Lachesis said:

What can we do indeed? Save or spend? Grow our own veg or stockpile cans and get a gun? Now the going really has got tough, and if this is the dystopian reality of our generation, then I think we’re lucky, compared to the generations past. Being politically aware, ready for hard work, being responsible and doing some serious counting our blessings might do for starters… It could be so much worse.
Great insights, by the way. Thanks


P said:

Simple (I learned this the hard way). Reach out. See people face to face. Share your darkness and feel another person’s. Help someone without expectation of benefit.


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