One Night Stand

December 1, 2011

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Pluto abducts Proserpine. Bernini.

Venus meets Pluto tomorrow (December 2), setting the tone for a very “interesting” month ahead.

Venus and Pluto do have two very important things in common: sex and money. And their one night stand is in the earthy moneybags sign, Capricorn.

Pluto’s association with wealth is interesting, because he has rulership both of riches, vast wealth – and vast debt. Yes, the world is in massive debt; that’s not news. But it is significant that the world’s banks got together and announced today that they are going to act in a co-ordinated manner to pour money (Venus) into the debt hole (Pluto).

You may remember that last year Venus spent an unconscionably long time in Pluto’s sign, Scorpio, giving us all a chance to ponder that combination of energy. I wrote a long piece called Death and The Maiden about it. Click here to read it.

On a personal level, the best place to really enjoy Pluto plus Venus is in bed. Go to it.

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Gilly said:

Venus meets Pluto tomorrow…
Right on top of my DC, and Pluto trining himself… This could get interesting. 😉


Christina said:

Hope it’s a good one


Anonymous said:

Hmm. December 2 is always an important day for my husband and me, as it is the anniversary of our first “fling” 22 years ago. With my natal Sun at 4 degrees Capricorn, tomorrow might be especially memorable. And I noticed that my husband got a package delivered from Frederick’s of Hollywood this week; erotic fashion, how appropriate for Pluto/Venus!


Monica said:

How about this 🙂

Pluto is transiting my horoscope soon to conjunct my natal Venus in Capricorn. The exact conjunction is a while away, but at present it’s about a degree off, so have been feeling it for a while.

What is really fascinating (well, for me at least), is that I have been offered a great job in Queensland, Australia, and it required me to be based in the small town of… Proserpine. Leaving to move there in a week. Synchronicity much?

I do have a Venus/Pluto conjunction for my solar return chart starting 4 December in Capricorn in the 10th House.

Great post as always!


Christina said:

@Monica – Crikey!! You are well into the Venus-Pluto groove. I wonder about mining.


Monica said:

🙂 I am happy to say no mining will be involved in my work – it is environmental/sustainability work on small community projects.

Though looking after the environment and minimising waste/pollution etc is very Capricorn, no?

Still, I can’t get over living in Proserpine/Persephone as Pluto moves over my natal Venus. 🙂 Happy holidays to you!


Christina said:

And good luck in the new job!


Sabrina said:

It falls in my 4th H, which I think can be good! But what would it mean when it falls in the 12H? near the Asc but not quite ‘out there’?


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